Can You Receive?

admin Mar 14, 2018
I talk to many people each week who can name a lot of things they want.
A new car, a bigger house, a partner that respects and cherishes them, a holiday home in Aspen, veneers, the ability to work from home, the freedom to travel year-round, a spiritual connection…and so on.

And when I ask them why they don’t already have all of that… the inevitable stories come out –

“I have to pay down my debt first.”
“I’ve never run a business before.”
“I don’t know how to monetise it.”
“It’s not realistic.”
“My wife/husband would never go for it.”
“I can’t ask them.”
“I can’t charge that much.”
“No-one would hire me yet..”
“I don’t know where to find clients.”
“I couldn’t make a living off it.”
“I don’t know where to start.”
“I don’t know what to offer.”

Do any of those sound familiar?

Isn’t it funny how we are all so different, with such individual tastes, fears, dreams and concerns, and yet we share many of the same excuses when it comes to biting the bullet and stepping out on faith.
The above examples tell me very little about what’s legitimately possible for you, but a lot about your nervous system. Primarily that it’s perceived a threat and has activated self-protection mode (commonly misdiagnosed as ’self sabotage’.
Now, we’re all operating 2m year old survival software so hearing the above ‘stories’ is entirely normal. What defines whether or not you live your dreams is not whether you think those things, rather, whether or not you believe them, and let them dictate your next step/s.
We live in an abundant universe, and delivering clients for your fledgeling business is likely the smallest problem the universe has on its agenda today… 😉
So if there is abundance all around, and we know everything you want is possible because a quick google reveals literally thousands of people doing just that, what’s stopping the flow…?

Spoiler-alert: It’s you.

You want to receive clients, a beach house, a Porsche, a farmlet for rescue dogs and an annual residual income that never ends, BUT… Can you comfortably receive a compliment?
For 90% of people that I’ve met, in business and socially, the answer is no. Blushing, awkwardness and outright arguing with me are all common responses, from people in a space where their nervous system perceives openness as vulnerability.
When someone says ‘I’d love to help you with that!’, how do you respond? Curiosity and gratitude? Or skepticism and a sneer?
When an opportunity is presented, is your first thought ‘can’t afford it’, or is it’ HOW COULD I afford it?’
When others get support and start having successes, do you celebrate them and get information, or deride them and assume they’re exaggerating…?
We don’t create what we want, we create what we are. The future is made replicating the current moment, so if right here, right now you are in a space of scarcity, of lack, of fear or envy… Then that is what you’ll see reflected around you.
In every moment, you are co-creating your reality. So what are you seeing more of? Your dreams, or your fears? All the things you’re grateful for? Or all the things you still don’t have?
If you’re really struggling with any of this, either in terms of understanding or creating different results, click the enquire link and apply for a complimentary coaching session. I’d love to help you untangle what’s not working and get you back on the right track 🙂

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