Curled up on the floor?

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Blog

I remember the first time I hired a 1-1 coach. It was about 10 yrs ago now, and I called them from the fetal position underneath the dining room table in an apartment I shared with my (then) boyfriend. I’d moved in with him even though he was emotionally abusive because I couldn’t afford my mortgage payments, and I had to rent the house.

I said to the coach: ‘I’m not even 100% sure what a coach does, but you have to help me.’

And help me they did.

Funny thing is, my coach never told me outright to dump my abusive boyfriend.

He never demanded I speak up at work about being bullied.

He never explicitly told me to improve my diet or start back at the gym or any of the great things I did when I had someone in my corner, but I did them because when I decided I was worth investing in, that perspective-shift touched every area of my life.

This is what James Wedmore is referring to when he says, ‘the transformation is in the transaction’. Pouring a financial resource with an intense neurological link to survival into YOU… is a game-changing event. It shifts you onto the frequency of being worthy and deserving of time, energy, support, and investment in a single transaction, and it elevates you in ways you won’t understand until you feel it.

If you’ve felt unsupported or alone for a while now, can you imagine what it would be like having someone in your life whose sole job is to pay attention to you and your dreams and give you the help, support, strategy, mental tune-ups, breakthroughs, epiphanies, and reframes you need to move forward on everything you’ve ever wanted?

Can you even fathom what it would be like to get to your new year’s party and have to think up totally new resolutions because you actually did everything you wished for last year?!

Imagine if even for a few months, you made progress towards your dreams every single week. Sometimes huge, sometimes just another chunk chipped away, but progress every. single. week…

What would the cumulative effect be on your life?

As you can tell, I didn’t hire my first coach because I had unlimited resources, funds, time and energy for it.

I hired them precisely because I had none of those things.

And since all my collective actions and thoughts up until then had gotten me to that point… I knew it would be madness to continue them and expect life to be any better in a year if I didn’t radically change everything.

Now, I was at the point where it was do or die.

You might not be there – you might be in a pretty comfortable spot.

Not exactly living all your dreams, but not uncomfortable enough to force you to shift.

If you wanna wait for your situation to shift you forcibly, that’s a-ok. Each to their own.

But if you don’t want that… you just want everything you’ve been dreaming about for years instead…

Let’s talk. I cannot WAIT to hear about all the epic things we’re gonna create in your life!!