Don’t tell me. SHOW ME!

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Business

You say you want it, but what do your actions tell me?


The truth is, when we really want something, we don’t let our circumstances stop us – we mould our circumstances around it. 

Let me explain.

I was driving down south the other day, thinking about the difference between all the people I know doing epic things, and all the people I know who say they crave epic things but aren’t taking aligned action.

Obviously, the difference is priorities, but I think it’s a level deeper than that. 

It’s the type of prioritization that requires REORGANIZATION. 

  • You won’t have time for the gym if you set up your schedule with everything else first, then try to cram in a workout.
  • You won’t have the finances for personal development if you put your money everywhere else first, then try to find a course or mentor that will scramble for what’s left.
  • You won’t have time to eat properly, if you fill your days with everything but, and then get takeout because ‘there isn’t time to find something healthy’.

You’ve likely heard the saying ‘we have time for what we make time for’, and it couldn’t be truer. 

The fittest people I know have eating and training as the base blocks of their calendar, and everything else is chosen to fit around that.

The most developed people I know invest in their education and mentorship first, then make their other financial decisions around that.

Our life is a reflection of our priorities.

That message doesn’t sit well with anyone still pretending that their priorities are imposed on them; that they are a victim of circumstance, an unwitting product of their environment.

But I say it all the same. 

Because you aren’t helped by people coddling your patterns, you move forward when you’re prepared to face the truth. 

I am no stranger to the scary decision.

In 2016 I woke up to the fact that I was in a career I hated because I thought I had to work to survive. I thought my job was the only thing keeping me safe.

The only way for me to free myself of that fear was to go into it. 

I quit my job and I spent everything I had on learning how reality actually works. 

Over 3. yrs later, my schedule prioritizes rest, eating, and exercise. Once those are in the calendar and those times are blocked out, I can see what space I have left to work. 

And from my new vantage point of health, happiness, and clarity, I can see all the opportunities to leverage the value I want to provide in the world, and thus, I receive more than I ever could in my corporate job, doing (physically) much less. 


You say you want X.

But is your calendar set up to prioritize it?

Are you choosing it every day?

Do you invest in it before other discretionary items?

Are you still telling a story about why you can’t have it?

Are you committed to the reality where you have it?

When you are presented with an opportunity to get it, do you say yes?

If the answer to any of the above is no, then I respectfully suggest that you don’t truly want it. Yet

What you are currently choosing, is what you truly want.

And anything you’re not changing is being chosen.

You may not enjoy being called out on your decisions, but you can’t change what you won’t acknowledge.

It’s time to get your actions in alignment with your words. 

You are 100% in the driver’s seat of your experience. Take the blindfold off, clamp your hands on the wheel, and let’s do this.

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