I don’t like weekends.

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Blog

When I had a corporate job, I LIVED for the weekends. Every week was a painful countdown through:

Ew, Monday

Tuesday – Pointless Second Monday

Wednesday – Hump Day – getting there!

Thursday – Friday Eve…

and finally:


Then Saturday was pure joy, and Sunday was just ‘Depressing Pre-Monday’

Now that I am self-employed, weekdays are where all the excitement is!

I live in and work out of a wellness studio that is a huge converted church.

We have a myofascial release expert and spray tanner/beauty therapist, an energy healer, and a yoga shala that also handles functional movement, stretch therapy and feldenkrais

….And me, the resident life coach. ♥

I think we are trained from school to be ‘on’ Monday to Friday, and wind down at the weekends, which works great now, but if you’re in a job you hate it’s just so much more painful because you’re burning all your ‘up-time’ doing something you don’t care about, and when you finally get a couple days to yourself you crash, rather than working on moving your dreams forward.

During the week this place is a hive of activity and I love it. Weekdays are also the time I feel the most social; my calendar is full of fun things like 1-1 coaching clients, yoga classes, networking coffees, and sessions with my personal trainer.Everything is open so errands are a breeze, and the postal service is alive so I get parcels. 😀

But the weekend is quieter. There are only 3 yoga classes all weekend. No mail comes, the masseuse and the energy healer don’t work Sundays, and I tend to feel very ‘hibernatey’ after a big week.

I am, admittedly, very creative on Saturday afternoons. That’s when I write courses and e-books and blog posts. But I was never able to write on weekends when I had a 9-5 I hated…I was mentally and emotionally exhausted, and too much in ‘survival mode’ to attempt any expansion or thriving.

How does your week affect you? What are your on days and off days? Where are you out of sync with society? (e.g. I am home writing when everyone else is partying)

Drop me a reply and tell me about your current sitch. Bonus points if you can articulate the changes you want to make and by when!

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