Tried manifesting but it didn’t work?

by | Jan 6, 2020 | Business

Ok, so, I gotta talk about manifestation for a sec because it’s getting ridiculous out here…

(Yes, I am a life coach first and foremost, but reality manipulation is an essential component of that, so hang with me.)

It’s not that you ‘can’t’ manifest, or that you ‘haven’t been manifesting the stuff you want’.

Manifestation is not a magic trick where you think about a thing and it appears…

Manifestation is the name given to the phenomenon whereby our energy effectively controls and creates the reality within which we live.

This is why you must learn emotional control, along with your manifesting techniques.

You are manifesting 24hrs a day… your thoughts send out the signal and your emotions put you in alignment to draw what you’re calling in back to you.

I hear so many people say that they ‘tried manifesting and it didn’t work’ which makes me facepalm because

manifestation isn’t something you can switch on or off.

Your entire reality is the product of your state, your focus, your beliefs, and your emotions.

If you think you ‘tried and it didn’t work’, I will tell you that what you mean is…

‘I say I want one thing, but my emotions, my beliefs, and my focus are on something else entirely. I am acting like a victim of my environment which is causing me to get stuck in a loop and I keep recreating the stress and scarcity I’m trying to dig my way out of.’

A bit more long-winded, I grant you, but way more accurate. 😉

If you’re tired of spending all your time focused on (and doing affirmations around) the wealth, the health, and the success you crave without results, you need Practical Manifestation.

It’s a 4-week, at home, self-paced course designed to not only teach you the HOW and the physics behind the LOA, but also do some digging into the emotional aspects that are sabotaging your success, and show you how to control your emotions like a total ninja so that you stay on track with whatever you’re trying to create from now on.

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