What’s your plan?

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Business

The weirdest part about being an entrepreneur is that you can be humming along, fully immersed in all your plans, projects, and offerings and all the amazing things you’re creating for your audience and clients, AND feeling incredible, inspired, purposeful and completely fucking AMPED…

And then a voice in your head goes ‘we have precisely ZERO reference files for this. Every day is new. We have no plan, no guidebook, no guarantees. You are legit making this up as you go along.’

For a while, that voice scared me. It reminded me that I was out here in the thick of it practically, tangibly trying to live my dreams every day.

A list of things I wanna make, for sure. But a plan? Of course not. What plan would I have, running a business based on intuition and growth?

There’s no plan… no reference files… no proof.

No guarantees, no 401k, no holiday pay.

Just courage and commitment.

It’s such a weird feeling in the body.

I recommend it.