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1-1 Coaching


So you’re considering hiring a coach! I am beyond excited for you. Making a significant investment in yourself creates an unparalleled energetic shift; there is a distinct before and after working with a coach and I am elated that you’re considering this as your next step. I know from personal experience (and hundreds of clients over the years) that this is a game-changing moment and I can’t wait to hear all about what you’re creating!

I choose to work with courageous, open-minded, and driven individuals with big dreams and bigger hearts. I teach intelligent and resourceful people how to create the life of their dreams by aligning their programming with their desired outcome and manipulating reality from the inside out. I help absolute legends create anything they want via subconscious rewiring, NLP, Strategic Intervention, trauma recovery, and manifestation programs. SRC’s head office is in Sydney, Australia but client sessions are conducted via Zoom, so your location is irrelevant, assuming you have a decent internet connection 😉

My clients make more money, overcome childhood trauma, correct out-of-date subconscious programming, lose weight, clear debt, launch businesses, heal relationships, complete bucket lists, gain investment, and take back control of their lives.

In a 1-1 container, you get 3 private coaching calls per month, plus virtually unlimited access to me via email and Voxer (voicemail app).

Contracts are for 3 or 6 months at a time, and payment plans are available.

Use this link to apply for a discovery call if you’re interested in 1-1 coaching. If your application is approved I will send you a booking link to schedule a time that works, so make sure your email address is correct.


Forever in your corner,

Sarah 🙂 xo

1-1 Coaching (Deprogramming Only)


This offer is for the person out there who:

  • knows they have subconscious blocks around important life areas (love, money, relationships, earning, happiness, business etc)
  • is ready to see and extract their programming
  • is ready to rewrite the most fundamental misperceptions about the world that are preventing them from having and doing the things they want
  • needs to stop re-creating the same BS and finally get into the energy of solutions, happiness and abundance.

This offer is for 4 calls over 4 weeks, looking specifically at your programming in the 4 areas you most need to shift. Love, money, relationships, perception of the opposite sex, business, safety, being your own boss, weight loss, whatever you want.

We will be dragging the most stubborn programming out into the light and installing new models of reality, so that you can finally get moving on your dreams without your current patterns (procrastination, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, fatigue etc) holding you back.

Who this is available for:

  • New clients only
  • People who are brave in the face of discomfort and open to catharsis
  • People who can recognize that their fundamental beliefs and models of reality infinitely impact their projected reality and are READY TO CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY.
  • People who are more interested in progress than the (mis)perceived safety of familiarity.

If, after this experience, you are interested to continue coaching, your investment will be credited towards the contract of your choice, making this jump-start essentially free.

I do not offer complimentary discovery calls for this offer; simply email me (sarah@sarahreillycoaching.com) with an outline of your situation, the 4 areas you want to change, and an email for the contract and invoice.


The group coaching experience for people who want to turn their ‘unrealistic dreams’ into their everyday life.



  • An explosion of meaning, money, and freedom in your career and life?
  • A courageous tribe of peers who support and encourage you to follow your life’s calling?
  • World-class mentors, that show you how to level up in every area of your life?

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to apply for Wavelength.

Wavelength is a unique hybrid of a group coaching program and a mastermind. Your subscription includes:

  • Personal interaction with high-level coaches, three times a month.
  • Elevated conversation, and the ability to gain world-class, cutting edge education and strategy in a group dynamic
  • Monthly topics to expand your consciousness and help you call in your ideal lifestyle even faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Personalized support via the private FB group
  • A community of big thinkers to align with, keeping your eyes on the prize and your energy away from your problems
  • Regular guest speakers (no other mastermind gives you access to this many game-changers at this price point.)

Need more details? Check out the dedicated page here.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Coaching (WISC) Program


Having the courage to be honest with people is the #1 way to effect tangible, measurable change.

Imagine how fast you could catalyze and expedite your clients’ results if you were able to:

  • Call out their stories before they’ve had a chance to connect with them emotionally.
  • Illuminate patterns of victimization in a way that allows the client to correct the behavior, rather than feeling attacked and getting upset.
  • Facilitate mind-blowing realizations that help the client make massive structural change in mere hours.
  • Use empathy strategically so that you could meet your clients where they want to be, rather than at the level of their struggle.
  • Release your personal need to be liked, so that you can focus on being respected for the quality of your work.

WISC is a live, interactive group course for coaches looking to move away from popularity and into respect and authority in their field – see more details here.

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