$20 or 20 seconds?

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Blog

I was recently offering my two cents on a post about how we treat service providers during this shutdown period, and it highlighted to me that I actually have some firm thoughts on the energy and etiquette behind how we handle ourselves and our relationships during this quaran-tastic time…

So here you are!

Huge yeses:

Get up in the morning and shower. Move your body even if it’s just stretching. Do your darndest to accommodate your usual rhythms – this time is already hard on our physical state without trashing ALL the routines that help us feel grounded and stable.

Get super conscious of the emotional eating… Eating out of boredom counts. Find things to distract yourself or keep your hands busy with hot tea. I read that warm liquids wash bacteria into the stomach before it gets a chance to migrate down to the respiratory area: bonus!

Do something you’ve been putting off. There will have been many things (over the years) that you said you wanted to do but didn’t have time.
Read your book collection, get into meditation, start a yoga practice, learn to handstand, discover Shakespeare, paint a feature wall, learn to knit, reach out to long lost friends, learn to bake, take up running, do the splits etc. NOW is your time. And if you still don’t want to do those things, here’s a shift for ya: You never did. But you have a habit of making time for your excuse. Note that down and ban yourself from ever using that excuse again. See what taking away that safety net does for your life going forward 😉


Mammoth NOs:

Cancelling everything and everyone. This includes fighting over store credits, unsubscribing from services, unfollowing from all your mailing lists.

We won’t be on lockdown forever, and people will remember how you acted when all of this is resolved. The small businesses you used to frequent will be trying to stay open by offering their services in different ways (e.g. the yoga studio in my building is streaming their classes online) and if you want your favourite vendors to still be in business when the lockdown ends, you need to try your hardest to support them now.

If financial support is beyond you at this time, I invite you to consider spending a few minutes a day liking, commenting and sharing their social media posts. This helps their services get the reach required to find new customers that can afford to support them.


My favourite new catchphrase: “If you can’t give $20, give 20 seconds instead.”


Thinking stress and worry are ‘tasks’ and contribute to your preparedness or action-taking. They’re not. They’re an old evolutionary quirk from the times when spotting a problem or a predator before it spotted you improved your chances of escaping/surviving. Fabricating catastrophes that aren’t actually happening in your house right now so that you can spend a few hours panicking and then feel like you’re ‘doing’ something about the uncertainty is a waste of time and damaging to your health. Anxiety happens when your brain goes into a negative fabricated future and your body can’t follow. Bring your mind back to right now. Look around, and find all the evidence of how blessed you could feel if you wanted to.

Dumping all your anger and frustration on people just because we’re feeling stressed and destabilized.
EVERYONE has lost an aspect of their life during this upheaval and we are all experiencing various levels of grief, fear, loss and confusion. If you can’t be kind from empathy, you should know that as little as 5mins of rage can suppress your immune system for up to 6hrs. So if you won’t do it for them, do it for yourself.

If you’re not capable of basic emotional control, feel free to contact me about coaching. Managing your state is necessary for directed manifestation so you really can’t afford to be without it. I’ve been teaching emotional mgmt. and reality manipulation for years now – I got you.

Hope that was of interest or helpful in some small way!