About me!

I came across my first personal development book at 18 and was immediately hooked. I spent the next 14yrs bingeing everything I could find on transformational psychology, strategic intervention, trauma and abuse recovery, NLP and mental health in general.

I worked with coaches 1 on 1, I went through therapy, I spent time with counsellors and I went through literally dozens of my own ‘dark nights of the soul’ which culminated in quitting my corporate career in risk management in 2016 to live my dreams as a full time, location-independent lifecoach and author.

My practice has been consistently sold-out since I opened, and here’s why:

  • Everything I teach and coach on, I have lived through and learned first-hand. I would never tell someone that there’s a light at the end of a tunnel I haven’t personally navigated. Courage, faith, and an intense dislike of regret have taught me that fear is not a physical barrier to anything you dream of having, and we can absolutely get you where you’re trying to go, regardless of how lost or stuck you feel today.
  • I have hyper-vigilance and am deception-trained, meaning I see errors in reasoning, old programming, and inaccurate neural connections incredibly fast. My contracts terms are comparatively short because (depending on your level of bravery) the transformation can be surprisingly rapid.
  • I prioritize your growth over my popularity. I am not afraid to work with deep pain points and I believe wholeheartedly in ‘kind over nice’, meaning you get the information that shifts you, delivered authentically and with compassion.
  • Coaching is WHAT I DO. Honestly, even when I had a day job, I couldn’t switch it off. I am uncontrollably interested in what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, why your subconscious mind is creating it, and the best way to help you understand the practicalities of changing it. My spare time is spent absorbing and putting into practice even more ways to get people the life of their dreams. It’s not work to me; it lights me up more than I can express here, succinctly.

If you are committed to getting the life of your dreams, and you have a good sense of humour, I suspect we will get along fine.

If you like coffee, animals, snowboarding, psych thrillers and terrible jokes, we’ll be best friends… 😉

I can’t wait to meet you!

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