I grew up in a small family, in a small town, with a very small bank account and even smaller prospects. In our family, working hard and struggling were the hallmarks of good character, and rich people were mocked and derided as being spoiled and out of touch with reality.

When I finished school, I thought that if I could just earn enough money to feel safe, then my depression and anxiety would ease, so I moved to the big city and got as many jobs as I could.

Throughout my 20s I battled near-constant illness and injury. My self-loathing was through the roof, my love life was perpetually in the toilet, and it didn’t seem to matter how hard I strived, no amount of financial success relieved my ever-present panic, and not a single achieved goal ever so much as dented my conviction that I was completely worthless and unlovable.

By age 30 I had worked my way up to the top of the corporate ladder and been headhunted for a position on the executive management team of a $400 million dollar business. I had 2 rental properties, a university degree and a post-grad, a good-looking boyfriend and was living in a stunning apartment on top of a hill, overlooking one of the most beautiful ports in the South Island of New Zealand.

On paper, I had made it.

But behind the scenes, I was crying in the shower before work every morning, drinking on weeknights, and the stress was giving me acne so bad my face had actual holes in it.

And then I found the (first) lump.

I was flying to a meeting and absent-mindedly scratching my neck, when my fingers grazed something I’d never noticed before. I pressed on it, I felt it move against my windpipe, and suddenly I knew.

“You don’t speak up.

You don’t take care of yourself.

You’re burning up your life doing shit you hate, like you have time to waste.

… Game over.”

The next few months passed in a blur of medical appointments, emotional arguments with my boyfriend, and an ongoing existential crisis within me as I tried to reconcile my past choices with this incredible wake-up call. Everything I thought I knew had suddenly become irrelevant.

You can’t just quit your job!
Not such a big threat if I’m dying…

You don’t have enough money to just start again!
Depends how long I’m going to last, doesn’t it?

You’ve worked in this industry for 10 years! You can’t just throw it all away!
Are we printing my resume on my headstone?

My entire life I’d been driven by the fear of not having enough.

But now that particular fear had been demoted.

I didn’t need to earn more; I needed to LIVE.

I had a fantastic professional resume, but NOTHING ticked off my bucket list.

I had a handful of qualifications, but had never studied my true passions.

I owned 2 houses, but had never experienced a safe home.

For the first time in my life, I could clearly see that all the ‘right’ decisions were leading me down the wrong path.


And so I quit my whole life.

I resigned from my job, ended my relationship, sold my properties and all my belongings, packed a backpack and flew to Bali to start my healing journey with Mastin Kipp, the inventor of Functional Life Coaching, and professional trauma-hacker.

After 30 days and hundreds of breakthroughs, I was finally able to see beyond the limitations of my old programming.

I began decoding and recoding everything I thought I knew about myself, training my nervous system to accept new realities, and redefining what success looked like FOR ME:

  • Diving headfirst into a new career as a coach
  • Spending months and months and hundreds of thousands of dollars learning, earning certifications, and exploring the depths of the CNS and the subconscious mind
  • Publishing a novel in record time (after struggling to write it for 6 years!)
  • Launching a business to lead other high performers to decode and recode their old identities as well, so that they could access and integrate their personal versions of ‘success’
  • Travelling the world doing what I LOVE and what I am great at.

From incredible snowboard trails in Western Canada, to tropical beaches in Hawaii.

From homestays in quaint British villages to tattoo parlors in Hollywood.

From Swiss spas in Montreal, to my current location: A vibrant wellness centre in Sydney’s Inner West.

I redefined what success is for me, and then for the high-performers, visionaries and change-makers I have the pleasure of working with, every day.

After guiding countless leaders to authenticity in their path, mastery over their emotions and speed of results beyond their wildest dreams, here’s what I know to be true:

When your True Self is your True North,

you get to choose your own reality.

Let me explain.

At your core, you are UNTOUCHABLE.

And the way we get down to that expression of you, is by decoding your old programming, so that we can empower your nervous system to accept new realities, which allows us to redefine and bring in whatever success means for YOU.

Not what your parents wanted.

Not what would appease your spouse.

Not what your friends expect.



It takes courage, refinement, and a bit of rebellion… But if you’re ready to do it your way, let’s talk.