Advice From Future Me

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Blog

Earlier today I did a meditation, where I met and spoke to myself at various points in the future.

Future me has achieved everything I want to achieve and is effin awesome, if I do say so myself.

In addition, every future version of me had some incredible advice. I suspect it will also help some of you out there, so here it is.

2yrs into the future:

Future me is in LA with my best friend and we’re strolling down the street on our way to get some eats.

(I look like I’ve taken up body sculpting, which is excellent news because my best friend is a fitness model and hanging out with her can sometimes be a little ‘confronting’ in the aesthetics dept… )

I interrupt this bolder, fitter, brighter version and she is so pleased to see me. She says:

“Sometimes you forget that the world is mirroring everything you think you are and everything you believe. So, with that in mind, you need to have more fun. You need to relax, so that your world can reflect back to you that that’s safe. Doing fun things, going on adventures and investing in yourself isn’t ‘spending’, it’s guaranteeing your success. Because it comes from a place of knowing you’re infinitely guided and supported.”

5yrs into the future:

I’m in my fabulous multi-storey mezzanine-levelled-to-h*ll beach house overlooking the ocean in Australia. Future me is upstairs getting ready for dinner but she sees me in the lounge admiring the view and rushes downstairs to give me a hug. She laughs at my reaction to the (completely OTT) house and says:

“Why do you seem surprised that you could have so much? The whole planet and everything it contains is just a humming ball of atoms – align with some fun ones and materialize some cool sh*t. You get so stuck on the ‘how’, but all the ‘hows’ are in the material world, and you know better than to mess with the finished product, when you could simply issue a new blueprint and watch it being built from the beach.”

10yrs into the future:

I’m on a yacht. It’s a great thing I got into body sculpting 9yrs ago because my 44yo body is rocking that bikini like it’s her job. I think it might be. She comes inside to get some ice out of the freezer for more drinks and sees me standing there looking really pleased that there’s a yacht in my future. She sees everything that’s wrong with me (health-wise) and looks sympathetic. I admire her hair – sea salt was always my best styling tool. She touches my face and says:

“What you resist, persists. You only have these problems because you’re trying so hard to get rid of them from a place of judgement. You think you’re scouring away everything that’s ‘wrong’ with you, but it was never wrong. It’s just human. You were judged so harshly for every little thing that you learned you need ‘fixing’ around the clock. Your body is tired from all the correcting, love. Start caring.”

20yrs into the future:

I’m in a stone villa in France. I’m sat at a beautiful table in my rustic kitchen, writing another book on another Mac. I’m dressed very chic, no doubt influenced by discovering Sezane sweaters recently. As I’m standing behind myself, watching her type, I hope I bought shares in that company. I sit down on the side of the table, in her peripheral vision. She looks less surprised but equally happy to see me. She sees me looking at the Mac and seems to know intuitively that the next thing I need to hear is about speaking up. She says:

“Just say it. The idea of the outrage is much worse than the reality. You will say things that are true, and people will be angry, and then it will be forgotten, and it won’t really have mattered anyway, so what was all the fear and fuss about? The things you’re learning are to be shared – education is for evolution. But everyone evolves at different speeds. Whoever needs to hear it, will. Whoever isn’t ready, will troll. But you remain safe, and the reaction remains irrelevant. Just say it.”

50yrs into the future:

I’m old, I’m in an armchair, I look very happy, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m surrounded by a lot of family or if it’s because I have a cup of tea. I prize tea very highly and I’m pleased to see it’s still a thing in 2069. Please note I’m referring to real tea – black, caffeinated, powerful. Not that weird lawn-water Americans think is tea. Future me smiles and says:

“The bad stuff was the most important part. We must break our hearts until they open, and I’m sorry yours was smashed so early, love. But you had to be very open to receive the volume of learning you’re here for. You have so much to do, and be, and know, and there simply wouldn’t have been room or time if you’d received the toughest lessons any later. You’ve often thought that being broken so young was the thing that got in the way… In fact, it is the only reason you can do any of this stuff. It wasn’t a pain to get over, it was the most important part of your journey: it was the catalyst. But I have good news. Forgive me if I spoil the ending, but it all works out. Relax and enjoy the ride, love. It’s going to be a truly phenomenal adventure.”

I got a lot out of this meditation – I hope what I received was helpful for you too.

All my love,
Sarah xo