Are You Over-Complicating It?

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Blog

Sometimes it’s really simple, guys.

Yes, you learned a lot of unhealthy sh*t growing up.

Yes, you didn’t always have the best role models.

Yes, a few beliefs made their way into your subconscious that aren’t necessarily helpful anymore.

But you know what’s true? Whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing. 

All of the above issues truly come down to a decision and a follow-up action, though your ego would love for you to believe that it’s a lot more complicated than that. 

You have to decide you’re not going to run that script anymore.

You have to decide all the debilitatingly critical things you think about yourself aren’t actually true.

You have to decide you are worthy of whatever you need to live your dreams. 

And then you have to take an action that proves you decided. 

Go get what you need. Get the support, the resources, the help, the change you’ve been craving. 

And take an extremely skeptical eye to any part of you that immediately leaps up with an excuse about why you can’t, why you’re not ready, why it’s too hard, why you can’t afford it. 

Because we all have excuses, we all have reasons, we all have limiting beliefs and fears and barriers. 

Some push forward anyway. Why? Because regret hurts more than failure.

Failure doesn’t even have an objective definition. If you ‘fail’, you just try something else. 

But regret… regret isn’t so simple to pivot from.

Don’t wait for regret. Falling on your face is still a forward movement… 

Forever in your corner, 


P.S. If changing your beliefs still feels like the hard part, you might like my pdf on how to change a belief. It’s free to download right here.