With Sarah Reilly

The high performer’s guide to faster results, authentic success, and total control over your emotional state.

Does your life look pretty good compared to most people but you know you’re capable of more? 

And you do want more… Even if you’re not ready to admit the specifics.

You’re competent and can exercise discipline when you believe in the pay off.

You know you have the intelligence and learning capacity to be in any room you desire.

You’re actually incredible.
You’re ridiculously smart.
You’re a born leader.
You’re hilariously entertaining.
And if you weren’t so busy gearing up to change the world you’d probably be on the stage.

… But you’re operating below your potential and some part of you knows it.

Sometimes you pretend it’s your partner, sometimes you blame the state of the world, sometimes you genuinely believe that all the crap on your to-do list just needs to be handled and then you’ll get all those bucket-list items underway.

… But time is passing and the stuff that you ‘just have to get finished first’ never ends. 

Sometimes it’s a health issue, sometimes it’s a work issue, sometimes it’s a family issue, sometimes you’re just too exhausted to sit down and get your thoughts straight…

But at the end of the day, you’re not getting the massive changes, quantum leaps and exhilarating progress you crave.

If you’re nodding your head to the words on this page and you want to become so untouchable that all of the above crap can’t hold you back anymore, then this masterclass is for you.

Warning: Only register if you’re ready to see your limitations for what they really are and turn unrealistic dreams into your reality, quickly.

In this free masterclass you’ll learn:

  • The 3 key concepts to elevate you from competent and successful to utterly fucking untouchable.
  • Why your past goals haven’t produced joy, fulfilment and confidence and how to avoid wasting another 10yrs on more of the same…
  • How to get back on track to your personal version of success, stop being a slave to your environment and your emotions, and finally get back in the driver’s seat with a full tank and new tires.
  • The #1 thing that prevents people from getting value and transformation out of their personal development investments.
  • How to actually enjoy the process of transformation even when the emotional part feels like birthing a watermelon. Out your face.

About Your Host, Sarah Reilly

Sarah is a life coach and mentor for leaders and high performers, a published author, and world traveler. She’s on a mission to help born leaders graduate from competent to utterly untouchable through her signature programs that teach people to see beyond their limitations and bring unrealistic dreams to life. She believes that once you know how to communicate with your nervous system and update your programming at will, you’ll stop being knocked off track by your fears and emotions and start to make massive leaps towards the life you’ve always desired.

Sarah knows when to be gentle and when to give you a loving “kick in the butt”. Most importantly, rather than “telling” you what you “should” be doing, she allows you to find your own way as she guides you down the path of Self Discovery.

Regina, USA

Sarah is an amazing coach and mentor. She really tells you what you NEED to hear.

Gurleen, Vancouver

Straight Talk, but all love. You will love Sarah’s realness and compassion!

Toyia, Georgia

If you’re looking to master the inner game so your outer world can be epic, look no further: Sarah is your woman. She is direct – no B.S – and one of the most sincere champions of your success I have ever met. Her commitment to helping people be the best versions of themselves will get you all the results you desire and more.

Tiffany, Mexico

This is the most beneficial program I’ve done in 10 years of therapy. What you say resonates and I like that you don’t let me intellectualise my way out of confronting the real issue. I can usually bullshit psychologists but you seem to be immune!

Name withheld, Sydney, Australia

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, the progress feels so good!

Ebony, UK

I feel happy and hopeful for the first time. Everything really makes sense now. You’re really good at this!

Name withheld, Calgary, Canada

I’m so happy you’re doing well in terms of clients. I must say, you really nailed the website issue for me. I was hiding myself. It was such a powerful few words that you said to me that I FINALLY started my business account!

Meribel, New York

I wanted the freedom that having my own business would afford me but I was experiencing a lack of self-confidence and doubted that I could achieve what I wanted. Sarah guided and supported me in a way that has given me the confidence to believe in myself and pursue my passion.

Gillian, Calgary

Within a very short time, Sarah was able to give me a new level of understanding about myself and the people in my life. She has a fantastic depth of knowledge and is always a joy to talk with.

Paul, Wales

Sarah is the most fun to work with, I had an absolute blast throughout the entire process. Definitely recommend.

Stacie, Calgary

I’m seriously BETTER after talking to you. There have been a few conversations in the past months that have materially moved me forward and our last session was one of the biggest gifts of all.

Megan, New York