Beliefs only stay beliefs if you keep choosing them.

by | May 29, 2020 | Blog

I had to bring this truth bomb to a private coaching session the other day and it was so resonant I figured I’d repurpose it for the blog, with some context. So here ya go!

How often does the idea of things being ‘better’ come to your mind?

  • Money flowing more easily
  • Professional relationships vibing higher
  • Personal connections being more rewarding
  • Your energy levels being more consistent

And how often do you dismiss them with words like:

  • That just doesn’t feel true for me
  • I can’t connect with that
  • That’s not my experience
  • I don’t understand how that could happen

Here’s where you’re off track:

A belief is just a thought that was repeated so often the neural pathway for it has been cemented.
Think of it like a well-worn track through the forest.
It’s easy to follow it, all the work is already done, it’s probably scooped a little so if you get off it your bike naturally veers back into the centre…

But just because you have those particular neurons wired together, doesn’t make the belief true…


That’s right. Just because you repeated something often enough that it got stuck, doesn’t mean the statement was ever factually accurate.

A lot of people still think beliefs come from evidence. Obviously they don’t, otherwise when confronted with new evidence, people would change their beliefs.
I think facebook shows you often enough what really happens when people are confronted with new evidence… 😉

What’s true is: Beliefs are strategic. We choose and stick to whatever helps us feel the most safe. Our nervous system is motivated to cling to whichever beliefs cause us to run our ‘safest’ autopilot settings.


That means, if you keep all your existing beliefs, you’ll keep recreating the same reality over and over again.

Do you actually want more money, more success, more time, more freedom, more love?

Because if the beliefs you run now haven’t resulted in those things, then they clearly don’t work, and it’s time to create and cement new neural pathways.

Not sure how? That’s what coaching is for.

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