Where will you be when this ends?

Where will you be when this ends?

Where will you be when this ends?

Something very important to remember:
‘This too shall pass.’


Often, when we are in the midst of something upsetting or wildly outside our norm or just plain difficult… Our brain can get stuck on ‘survival’ mode.

The main reason this doesn’t serve you, is that as per above, this IS going to pass, and if you spent the whole time battling an anxiety response, where and HOW will you be at the end of it?

At some point, we WILL come out the other side of this current crisis, and things will return to (a somewhat different) ‘normal’.


Sinking into the panic right now is not akin to ‘being safe’ or ‘preparing’ or ‘being realistic’.


Panicking is just panicking. It’s a fruitless freak-out that makes you feel like you’re ‘doing’ because you’re very busy going around in circles, but you’re really just flooding yourself with cortisol, which will feck up your sleep quality and assist you in gaining weight.

So let’s get to the ‘recommendation’ and ‘helpful solution’ part 😉

You have been given the gifts of time and a break in your routine. You have been forcibly removed from the ‘life’ that was slipping by in a haze of hamster-wheel, and been pushed into the abyss of ‘don’t know what to do’, which opens the doors to the truth: that you can do, be and have… ANYTHING.

Pain is not meant to make us suffer: it’s designed to facilitate change. As survival-oriented creatures that naturally seek safety via familiarity, we do not move unless we are sufficiently uncomfortable.



So… Now that you’ve been unceremoniously shunted out of your old BS…


What new stuff do you want to be into / creating / moving towards / learning / doing when the lockdown ends and the world is open to you again?


If your answer is ‘not the same old crap’, then I HIGHLY recommend taking this time to get the old programming that caused that stuff out into the light, and updated with the coding you need to live all your dreams.

You used to say you didn’t have time, now you have tons.

You said you were too busy with work.. now many of you have none.

You said your current situation was too ‘safe’ to risk, well now it’s gone. Guess it wasn’t so ‘safe’ after all.

You (energetically) communicated that you wanted change, but weren’t prepared to shift without a monumental boot in the a55.

Let’s all give Covid-19 a standing ovation for the size of that boot.


Are you going to come out of lockdown stronger, healthier, and with a monumental vision and all the tools to achieve it? Or are you coming out exhausted, lethargic and anxious?


If you would prefer the first one, you can apply for my ‘deprogramming special’ via the Work With Me page at sarahreillycoaching.com

$20 or 20 seconds?

$20 or 20 seconds?

$20 or 20 seconds?

I was recently offering my two cents on a post about how we treat service providers during this shutdown period, and it highlighted to me that I actually have some firm thoughts on the energy and etiquette behind how we handle ourselves and our relationships during this quaran-tastic time…

So here you are!

Huge yeses:

Get up in the morning and shower. Move your body even if it’s just stretching. Do your darndest to accommodate your usual rhythms – this time is already hard on our physical state without trashing ALL the routines that help us feel grounded and stable.

Get super conscious of the emotional eating… Eating out of boredom counts. Find things to distract yourself or keep your hands busy with hot tea. I read that warm liquids wash bacteria into the stomach before it gets a chance to migrate down to the respiratory area: bonus!

Do something you’ve been putting off. There will have been many things (over the years) that you said you wanted to do but didn’t have time.
Read your book collection, get into meditation, start a yoga practice, learn to handstand, discover Shakespeare, paint a feature wall, learn to knit, reach out to long lost friends, learn to bake, take up running, do the splits etc. NOW is your time. And if you still don’t want to do those things, here’s a shift for ya: You never did. But you have a habit of making time for your excuse. Note that down and ban yourself from ever using that excuse again. See what taking away that safety net does for your life going forward 😉


Mammoth NOs:

Cancelling everything and everyone. This includes fighting over store credits, unsubscribing from services, unfollowing from all your mailing lists.

We won’t be on lockdown forever, and people will remember how you acted when all of this is resolved. The small businesses you used to frequent will be trying to stay open by offering their services in different ways (e.g. the yoga studio in my building is streaming their classes online) and if you want your favourite vendors to still be in business when the lockdown ends, you need to try your hardest to support them now.

If financial support is beyond you at this time, I invite you to consider spending a few minutes a day liking, commenting and sharing their social media posts. This helps their services get the reach required to find new customers that can afford to support them.


My favourite new catchphrase: “If you can’t give $20, give 20 seconds instead.”


Thinking stress and worry are ‘tasks’ and contribute to your preparedness or action-taking. They’re not. They’re an old evolutionary quirk from the times when spotting a problem or a predator before it spotted you improved your chances of escaping/surviving. Fabricating catastrophes that aren’t actually happening in your house right now so that you can spend a few hours panicking and then feel like you’re ‘doing’ something about the uncertainty is a waste of time and damaging to your health. Anxiety happens when your brain goes into a negative fabricated future and your body can’t follow. Bring your mind back to right now. Look around, and find all the evidence of how blessed you could feel if you wanted to.

Dumping all your anger and frustration on people just because we’re feeling stressed and destabilized.
EVERYONE has lost an aspect of their life during this upheaval and we are all experiencing various levels of grief, fear, loss and confusion. If you can’t be kind from empathy, you should know that as little as 5mins of rage can suppress your immune system for up to 6hrs. So if you won’t do it for them, do it for yourself.

If you’re not capable of basic emotional control, feel free to contact me about coaching. Managing your state is necessary for directed manifestation so you really can’t afford to be without it. I’ve been teaching emotional mgmt. and reality manipulation for years now – I got you.

Hope that was of interest or helpful in some small way!

Coronavirus- Are you projecting?

Coronavirus- Are you projecting?

Coronavirus- Are you projecting?

A perspective on the Coronavirus panic that you may not have thought of…

Human beings have 6 primary survival needs. I don’t want to make this post a freakin’ novel so I’ll just reference the first 2 quickly –

‘Certainty’ and ‘Uncertainty’.

We have a base need for a Certainty because there has to be a minimum amount of safety for us to function outside of fight/flight. E.g. I would have to be certain that my house isn’t going to fall down in order to focus on writing this facebook post. If the base safety requirement isn’t established, we can’t do anything until it is.

But our second survival need is Uncertainty – and that’s the variety that counter-balances all that certainty.
Safety and routine are lovely.. but after a while you do get bored if there’s no adventure, no chaos, nothing to excite you.

For many people… their life situation has required a rebellion of apocalyptic proportions for some time.
I know because I have met them, coached them, and I have BEEN them.

In 2016, I hit a wall with my entire life, and the only way out was to bin the whole thing.
I was so unhappy with my job, my relationship, my sense of self… that I was unable to get out of bed at least 2days a week and I had started growing tumors.
I sold my houses and all my belongings, quit my 10yr corporate career, ended my long-term relationship and left the country with no return ticket.

Pretty drastic, huh…

To be fair, it did fix the problem.. 🤣

I speak to a lot of people regularly who hate their job, are unhappy in their relationship and who simply aren’t living all their dreams.
They are due a set of decisions that will have apocalyptic consequences for everything they currently know as ‘normal’ and ‘safe’.

But they’re not ready to make those changes.

Does that delete the need for Uncertainty? No. Survival Needs are not a choice – the CNS will meet them in any way it can. Ignoring your truth creates anxiety, not safety.

But if you’re not prepared to go utterly ‘Do or Die’ on your life (because it is Do or Die – you are going to die, potentially with your dreams unlived…) then what do you do with that intense need for drama and excitement? What do you do to distract yourself from the awfulness of knowing what you need to do and being too scared to do it?

You project.

You panic about other sh1t.

You go apocalyptic on anything that’ll take you.

You pretend that things that aren’t actually affecting you right now are a legitimate threat to your life and you act out all your unacknowledged ability to move on them.

Do you have a lot of toilet paper in your house right now but you phucking hate your job?

Are you stocked up on canned goods but you can’t tell your partner about your dreams and expect them to join you on your journey?

Have you secretly loved the chaotic bonding over the panic of the coronavirus because it was the first time your social circle was as amped about something as you are?

Did the intense adventure of finally finding disinfectant at a little-known supermarket give you an Indiana-Jones like hit of success that you haven’t felt at work in about 10yrs?


Tell me what you think in the comments..

It’s always a yes.

It’s always a yes.

It’s always a yes.

We live in a yes/and universe. There is no ‘no’ with the way our universe works. 

But there are different kinds of yes’s. And today we’re going to discuss them, because I think some of you may be mistaking different types of yeses for nos… 😉


The 4 main types of yeses:


The Direct Yes

This is when the answer is a solid, obvious, resounding yes. The client says yes to your offer. The audience member DMs you in response to your post. The thing you requested be made manifest shows up (in a way you’re prepared to see it) within a few hours/days. These are great, but if you’re reliant on these to maintain motivation.. you’re f*cked.                              

The indirect yes.

This is when what you’re doing in the moment was actually the stepping-stone to the yes. E.g. the client you’re pitching right now says no, but it’s because she’s just realized you need to work with her husband first and is planning to sell something to pay for it (this has happened to me). Or the person you’re talking to doesn’t ‘get it’, but you had to meet them to create the connection to your actual yes (have also experienced this one specifically).                                                                                                                                    

The delayed yes.

This is when you’re asking for the wrong reason or you’re not emotionally equipped to handle what you’ve asked to manifest. We can usually spot a DY because it’s preceded by some ‘Universe University’ as I call it… A small test to see if your resolve / resilience / courage is where it needs to be to handle all sides of your request. An example: a large bill right before a large expansion in your business. (Successful business owners have bigger bills than unsuccessful business owners. If you can’t handle both sides, you get neither. Brave up.)                                                                                                                    

The ‘something better’ yes.

This is where you’ve requested what you think you can get, but you’ve also done your ‘Jesus take the wheel’ meditation and are completely open to the fastest and most overwhelming version of your request appearing. I remember doing this for my first attempt at a 35k month. I hit 41k effortlessly (no marketing, only change to the usual routine was an inspired FB post – energy trumps strategy). I love these.. obviously. Lol. 

So tell me… Where are you now realizing you might’ve had a yes in progress but you mistook it for a ‘no’ and switched your energy back to ‘it’s not happening/I don’t want it/see this always happens to me’ blah blah blah…?

Hot take: that yes is still circling. It’s still in your orbit. The chopper is hovering but it’s looking for the green helipad and you’re still glowing red…

Are you strong enough to go back to feeling in alignment with everything you desire, even though the allure of being ‘right’ about how it didn’t work out is so delicious? 

I hope so… 😉

The easy way to change beliefs…

The easy way to change beliefs…

The easy way to change beliefs…

I want to address (and simplify) the idea of ‘changing beliefs’.

Now, if you’re interested in the details around what a belief is and how to change them, you can just go to my website – sarahreillycoaching.com and download the pdf from the resources page. 

But today, in this email, I want to come at the topic from a different angle.

Check this:

It doesn’t really matter if you ‘believe’ something.. 

It’s really about commitment.

Belief is a natural byproduct of repetition… So anything you commit to, will eventually become a belief anyway.

Not quite sure what I mean?

Think of it this way…

All the beliefs you have now, you got by learning something at a pivotal moment in your life, and then living as though the learning was true (repeating the learning through your thoughts and actions) until the relevant neurons wired together. 

Once the connection was fixed in your brain, that thought ‘felt right’ to you. It ‘felt true’. You ‘believed’ it.


But beliefs are not truths…

They are simply solid neural connections, and can be pruned apart as easily as you wired them together.


For more info on this you can download my e-book ‘The Fundamentals’ from my website resources page as well.

Best Practices

So ultimately… you believe whatever thoughts you commit to.

Several years ago, when I first decided to believe that my business had consistent 5 figure months, it didn’t.

I decided it specifically because I knew that the attitude I would have, the decisions I’d make, the energetic alignment I could create from that belief, far exceeded anything I would be, do or feel from the perspective of ‘I don’t have enough money’. 

I had been stressing about money for almost 3 decades at that point, and the amount of panic I had around it was chest-pain-strength and completely unsustainable.

As ‘right’ as it felt to worry about my financial situation, the bottom line was – it wasn’t working.

The panic didn’t get me more clients.

The worry didn’t make my bills any smaller.

The stress was damaging my health.

So I decided (in a real lightning-strike, come-to-jesus moment) that I would never stress about money again.

Within 2 weeks, more money started showing up, and within 12 weeks my business had stabilized at 5 figure months, and we never had a problem with revenue again.

So remember… anytime you’re feeling resistance about adopting a new belief, don’t let your ego tell you that changing beliefs is hard, or that you’re lying to yourself, or that all the bad stuff is the ‘real’ stuff, the ‘true’ stuff… and the positive ‘spin’ is all BS….

Ultimately… It comes down to what you choose to commit to on a daily basis. 

Anything you commit to will become familiar, then habit, then inevitably belief.

So, If you need help creating and cementing new models of reality to make your life easier, that’s what coaching is for. Simply apply through my website 😄

It’s in your blind spot…

It’s in your blind spot…

It’s in your blind spot…

I felt the bird was adorable and the caption mimicked the subject line.

Hope you don’t mind – I freakin’ LOVE memes…;)

So anyway…

I was talking to one of my clients today, who happens to be a phenomenal coach herself, and she talked about the benefits of reflecting back to people what’s hidden in their blindspot.

It’s such an underrated skill because what people generally don’t realize is, all their assessments about themselves, their lives, their possibilities, and what’s ‘realistic’ are limited to the parameters of what their brain is willing to let past the filters.

So I thought it might be worth breaking down in this week’s blog.

Something everyone needs to understand is that trusting your eyes and ears alone is a dangerously limited stance.

I say that because it isn’t actually the eyes that see and the ears that hear. They are conduits for electrical data, but once that data is in your brain it gets distorted to fit your Models of Reality (MOR).

(You may have seen me speak on Lives and in previous blogs about upgrading or changing your MORs in order to make sustainable change in your life).

The old saying ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ is actually biologically impossible, because you can’t actually see anything you don’t already believe is possible, and what you believe is possible is inevitably based on things you’ve seen before (the past).

So if you’re relying on what you can physically see and hear right now, you’re basically saying ‘I’m only prepared to repeat the past.’

This is why many people complain about how they’re stuck in ‘Groundhog Day’ even though they’ve been ‘manifesting like crazy’.

It’s very true that they’ve been ‘manifesting like crazy’ because our entire projected reality is a manifestation of our own making.

But if you don’t change the MORs, you’re going to keep bringing in the same stuff.

When you open up your mind to the reality of what you’re trying to create, you can start to see the evidence that it’s shifting into place. That gives you the excitement and inspiration to keep going (even when it’s scary), and allows you to shift your beliefs and your emotional state even more rapidly.

So this is all great.. but you’re probably wondering how you can expand the parameters of your mind to start letting in a different reality, yes?

Here are some steps you can take:

  1. You need to know what MORs you’re operating within. Since they’re generally buried in psychological blindspots (we are survival-oriented creatures and survival requires sticking to what’s familiar and therefore ‘safe’) this requires external support. Hire a coach.

  2. Start to get comfortable with the idea that your vision is limited to what your brain will let you see. If you’ve felt resistance to new ideas in the past (E.g. the idea that money can be easy and simple to receive) take some time to explore that. Journal out your narrative and feel into the discomfort – it won’t kill you.

  3. Become cognizant of the language you’re using each day. Your words are instructions and your brain is paying attention. Check how often you’re using self-hypnotizing phrases like ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I can’t’ or ‘that’s not realistic’ and consider that commanding your brain to comply with such limitations may be doing you more harm than good.

I hope that served! As per usual, I’d love to see you sharing your wins and realizations on social media – follow me at the links below and tag me in what you’re creating so I can cheer you on!

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