I’m getting bigger >:-D

I’m getting bigger >:-D

I’m getting bigger >:-D

So, I’ve been making some changes to my fitness and nutrition lately, and phase 1 involves what I half-jokingly refer to as ‘bulking’.

I’m not actually training for competition, but I am having to eat twice as much as normal in order to work out as hard as I have been.

Now, because I don’t yet have the muscle (and therefore the appetite) to do that, I’ve been using a good, clean Mass Gainer (it’s a shake with equal parts protein and carbs) in addition to meals and added protein.
And it’s been phenomenal. Only with this level of nutritional support would I be able to get through all my weekly workouts and the strength gains have been ‘clap and squeal-worthy’.

(Before anyone panics about my heart/kidney health, I’m using clean, raw, vegan, alkaline protein with digestive enzymes and probiotics. I’m not stressing my body – I’m feeding it better than million-dollar racehorses…)

But honestly, what’s been the most exciting for me is the psychological aspect.
(Not a huge surprise, given my job…)

In my 20s, I went through a gym-bunny phase. I restricted calories, I did cardio like my life depended on it, and I worked whatever muscles made me look how I wanted in clothes.
Not ideal.

Now, in my 30s, I’m coming at it from an entirely different perspective.
The athletic perspective.

I don’t ‘diet and exercise’.

And the results are…different.

There’s less ‘instant gratification’ with doing things properly.

For example:
When I cut calories and did a ton of cardio, I leaned out fast. I saw definition within a few weeks and I felt ‘in control’.

But when you’re in muscle-building mode, and you’re doing it from a functional strength/healing/coordination/full body connection/holistic standpoint, you don’t lean out straight away. Many of the workouts you’re doing are corrective rather than aesthetic.

You’re fixing things you can’t see, to facilitate greater expansion further down the track.

You actually go up a dress size because your body is taking on the extra calories it needs to grow and support the new muscle.
And because I’m focused on preventing catabolism I don’t go to bed hungry anymore, meaning I don’t look as ‘hollow’ as I used to when I wake up.

I realized the other day that this is similar to coaching.

Simply changing a strategy in your daily routine, your business, your marketing… has a visible, immediate result (instant gratification) but isn’t sustainable because it doesn’t address the engine that was powering the original issue.

Thus, we ‘fall off the wagon’.

• The new morning routine doesn’t stick because you didn’t address the fatigue and worthiness issues that stopped you from having a good routine before.
• The new marketing strategy doesn’t convert because the energy you’re running everything from is resistant and fearful.
• You cheat on your new diet because you didn’t do the deep work around why your body thinks it needs the sugar/bread/alcohol to survive.

Everyone likes instant results. But are the results you’re getting ‘instantly’ stable? Sustainable? In line with your ultimate outcome?

In terms of my fitness… they weren’t.

I want to be strong, so I can’t deprive my body of the caloric requirements it needs to grow.
I want to get bigger, so I have to condition my joints and stabilizers to allow me to load the bar.
I want to reduce pain, so I have to prioritize corrective work over shredding.

I would probably build visible muscle faster if I was allowed to do bilateral compound moves already. But because I have weak spots, my trainer has me doing unilateral lifts to strengthen and condition each side of me individually because if I don’t fix the weak areas, I’ll be compensating in the bilateral lifts and potentially injure myself.

I do this with clients in my coaching business too.

Does everyone goal-set in the first session? Nope.
Why not?
Because if the person hasn’t set and achieved goals before, there’ll be a good reason. If we don’t find out what’s powering the confusion, the fear, the resistance beforehand, we’re just making another list of things the person won’t do and can then feel shame about.

Virtually nothing in my current fitness routine is giving me ‘instant gratification’ right now.
But weirdly, it is giving me everything I’ve ever wanted.

Just like with coaching.

You show up every week and turn your fears, beliefs, and behaviours inside out.
You work your a55 off and you leave the session looking the exact same on the outside.

But 6-months from today you’ll be a totally different person, with massively expanded capabilities.

Do I see progress after each workout? No.
Will I be so goddamn pleased I did every single one of these workouts 6 months from now? Phuck yeah.

So I’m curious…
Is there anywhere in your life you’ve gone for the quick fix, rather than the permanent solution?
The cheap n’ cheerful, rather than the investment option?

I’d love to hear about your experience. ️

Forever in your corner,

Did you get what you paid for?

Did you get what you paid for?

Did you get what you paid for?

Sometimes people find a coach they vibe with – someone who’s achieved what they want, and who is a good match in terms of communication, comprehension, and rapport.

They have a discovery call, they get on well, they feel that the coach truly understands them and how to get them from where they are now, to where they want to be.

They ask about the price, and they discover that living their dreams requires a significant investment.
And sometimes, they bow out.

Not often, I grant you. Because generally if they’ve made it to the point of the discovery call then they’ve already decided within themselves that their life MUST change.
Thus, the size of the investment has become irrelevant because even though investing in ourselves is scary, nothing is scarier than another year passing by and finding themselves in exactly the same spot:

Still stressed.
Still trying to ‘get myself out there’.
Still self-sabotaging.
Still wasting what little resources they have on a half-a55ed, procrastination and confusion-soaked struggle.

Another year they could’ve made 6-figures in the business of their dreams but they were (ironically) still trying to save money…

The reason I am writing this post today is not to judge – because we’ve all panicked and run at various times in our lives.
I’m writing it because the ‘logic’ in it is hilarious.

Check this line of thinking, for a sec…

The coach you want to work with isn’t cheap.
Of course, the services of someone whose commodity is *valuable* won’t be cheap.


(are you ready?)

You go for someone cheaper…

(still with me?)

In order to learn…

(wait for it…)

How to make mega-bank living your dreams…

(T-minus 3, 2, 1…)

From someone who isn’t.

**record scratch**

Wait, what?

If your no.1 goal is to undercharge for your services so that you have to work even harder on your dreams than you ever did in a job you hated… then, by all means, find yourself a role-model in that field and (under) pay them.

But if your goals look more like:

Doing whatever you want,
whenever you want,
however you want,
for as much as you want.

…You’ll need a coach that knows their worth and is up-front and unapologetic about receiving it.


Your coach doesn’t just guide you through the re-wiring process; they also provide an up-leveled nervous system for yours to calibrate to. You will feel safer taking leaps when you’re in the company of those that have done so and thrived. The company you keep is a SIGNIFICANT factor in whether or not you succeed.

So if you’re in the habit of shopping based on price, I have a few #journalprompts for you:

What is the best way for me to demonstrate to my future clients/supporters/investors/backers that I am worth investing in?

Are my decisions/behaviours in alignment with my ideal client?

Who decides how I live? Me, or money?

And as always, if any of this content has brought up any pain, discomfort, frustration or resistance within you, congratulations! You just found a pain point that’s ready to be excavated.

Sounds like it’s time for you to #getacoach

SUPER important + a surprise!!

SUPER important + a surprise!!

SUPER important + a surprise!!

So, here’s a thing you gotta know.

We’re a herd species. And in order to stay safe and accepted within the herd, we naturally calibrate to the standards of the people around us.

What does this mean for your business and your income?

Put simply – you are the average of the people you spend the most time with.

A quick example:

The first time I hired a coach making 80-100k a year, my coaching income came up to that standard within a few months.
My next coach was doing about 200k, and I started doing 15-25k months, too.
Then I started working with someone who was doing 30k a month, and within a year I was clearing 40k/month.

Whatever your nervous system sees as normal and safe, it will accept.

So take a look at the people around you.
Are they ‘leading’ in the way you’d like to? Are they living in a way you aspire to?
Are they earning the kind of money you want in a joyous, purposeful way that creates passion and actually *improves* their health, rather than wearing them down?

If not… Please know that your nervous system has noticed.
And it is making sure you don’t fall out of favour with that sector of your tribe by out-pacing them, success-wise.

When your tribe is making bank, you tend to make bank too. Because it’s just how y’all do!
When your tribe is chucking in the 9-5 to go live their purpose, you tend to as well. Because it’s just how y’all do!
When your tribe is sharing vulnerably and being constantly energetically rewarded for that deep work, you tend to as well. Because it’s just how y’all do!
When your tribe is elevating every single week, you tend to as well. Because it’s just how y’all do!

Because I know how critical your tribe dynamics are for your success, I decided to create one for you!

My new mastermind – Wavelength – officially starts in January, however Founders Rates are NOW OPEN for early-adopters wanting to get in on the ground level.
The first 3 people to join before Dec 8th will receive not only a phenomenal price point, but bonus calls in December to make sure you’re kicking off 2020 on a high.

But wait, there’s more… (no, it’s not steak knives, lol…)

In Wavelength, you get not 1, but TWO COACHES. 

That’s right! Wavelength is a joint venture between me and my biz bestie, Dan Mason from Creative Soul Coaching.

Wavelength provides 3 group calls per month plus unlimited written support in a private Facebook group.

If you’re ready to start taking your life, your business and your development seriously, DM me to claim your spot.


P.S. Dan and I recorded a podcast recently explaining everything, follow me on Insta to get the link when it drops xo

What did you decide?

What did you decide?

What did you decide?

I had a coaching client say to me the other day ‘I decided that I was going to have X and then it didn’t happen.’

My response?

‘You didn’t decide.’

I said it with total certainty. Before I’d asked for clarity, before I’d asked for details, and before I’d asked her what she’d done.

Wanna know how I knew?

2 ways.


When you really make a decision, it’s a life-altering, perception-shifting, felt-in-the-body moment.

Do you remember where you were when you first heard about the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers?

I do.

AND… I remember where I was when I decided that I would never stress about money again.

We make wishes every day. We think, ‘that’d be nice’ all the time.

But when you DECIDE, you turn an energetic corner in your life. So you would never say ‘I decided and it didn’t work’ because from the minute you decide you can literally FEEL it working.

The timeline becomes irrelevant. The size of the movement in the attraction vortex of that particular day becomes irrelevant. Stumbling blocks in your current matrix become irrelevant.

Once you’ve DECIDED, everything starts shifting. Not in a woo-woo ‘I think I feel better’ way, but in an ‘It’s coming. I can see components of it landing. The stepping stones are appearing. This portion showed up already’ way.

And secondly,

She said, ‘it didn’t happen’. This is nominalization. Externalizing the issue or the phenomenon to relinquish responsibility. When you DECIDE, you take your power back and you recover your ability to shift your reality. A person who had decided would never make an assessment of the situation that puts themselves in a victimized state.

The two simply don’t go together.

Some of you reading this are probably wondering if you’ve ever truly DECIDED to change anything in your life.

Some of you are having a massive breakthrough about why the things you thought you were manifesting still haven’t landed.

And some of you are annoyed that I keep capitalizing the word ‘DECIDED’ because if you haven’t picked up on the true impact of the word, the emphasis will seem redundant.

So let’s get to something tangible that will actually help you.

HOW DO YOU KNOW when you’ve decided?

  1. It’s a moment in time. You can’t miss it.
  2. Every decision you make afterward will be from the standpoint of the new reality. If you’re still making the same choices, still pretending to be a victim of circumstance, running the same scripts… you didn’t decide.
  3. You will deliberately seek out evidence of the new perspective, and inevitably, you’ll find it. Because the part of your brain that filters data only accepts things that align with your existing world view. Shift that = see new things.

Got the handbrake on?

Got the handbrake on?

Got the handbrake on?

My father always said I should work either in journalism or graphic design because I was a competent writer and I had an eye for layout and design. I wasn’t even remotely interested in journalism because I prefer writing fiction (my first novel, ‘Crash and Burn’ was published in October 2017 – it’s on Amazon now) and graphic design was, at that time, something all the ‘cool kids’ were pursuing, which ruled me out. 

What I now realize he’d picked up on, was how alarmingly attuned I was to things out of place. It’s likely linked to my hyper-vigilance but essentially, things like spelling errors, misaligned margins, tautology, and colour clashes, etc. practically leap off the page at me. It makes me a nightmare to argue with because people naturally contradict themselves when they’re emotional and their defense mechanisms are grasping at straws, and I see it all.

When I was in Risk Management (my corporate career before coaching) it was great because I could see clearly what part of a project risk assessment was wrong so fast I barely needed to stop scrolling the document. It wasn’t great for making friends though. People who make a lot of mistakes don’t appreciate you noticing them quickly and sending back their documents destroyed by red pen and ‘track changes’. Especially not if they’re being paid more than you. So for the longest time, I kind of assumed my ‘talent’ was just the thing that made me unlikeable. 


What I’ve since realized (now that I’m doing my dream job and loving every minute of it) is that, as previously mentioned, my gift has an equal and opposing need in the world. People lost in out-of-date meanings and limiting stories have major revelations when I point out a significant discrepancy in the story they’ve been telling themselves for the last two decades about why they can’t do XYZ. 

In a lengthy paragraph of BS, one solitary word is often all it takes for me to figure out what survival need the client’s nervous system is battling for, and once I know that I can start the rewiring process. Which quite literally frees them up to leap out in the world and start turning their dreams into projects. No-one is saying you’ll never achieve your dreams without this service but think of it like driving with the handbrake on. You can, but it’s faster, more fun and smells better if you don’t

Dig this vibe?

It IS monetizable

It IS monetizable

It IS monetizable

A few years ago, I was standing in my office, holding a cup of coffee and whining. It was a fairly common sight because I was deeply unhappy.

Don’t confuse that with ‘ungrateful’ – I was extremely grateful for my amazing team, my executive salary, and the immense amount of education I was getting, having changed industries to take up that particular job.

But money, like anti-depressants, won’t make you happy if you hate your daily life. You can’t buy or medicate your way out of not living your dreams. And on this particular day, I was whining about why my perfect job apparently didn’t exist.

“I am a troubleshooter,” I exclaimed, pointlessly. “My biggest skill is in seeing discrepancies and pointing them out. Anything out of place stands out like dog’s balls – why won’t anyone pay me to drink coffee and identify what the hell’s gone wrong?!”

It’s a skill I’ve always had, and up until 2016 didn’t make much use of it. I had a brief stint as a report editor, and it was extremely useful then, but otherwise, I had made it a source of frustration. I used it to correct things people didn’t want corrected, and I emailed people a lot of documents with an offensive amount of red-pen or ‘track changes’ comments. What I learned from this was that seemingly, my greatest gift was one of the primary reasons people didn’t like me.


Cut to now, and I have a thriving business doing essentially that. My greatest skill – seeing discrepancies, specious reasoning, correlation mistaken for causation, rampant extrapolation, and just basic, good old-fashioned wrongness, is now the reason I will never have to go back to a career that doesn’t light me up again.


Just because you haven’t seen anyone else make money off it, doesn’t mean it’s not monetizable.

Just because you don’t currently know how to market it, doesn’t mean it’s not monetizable.

Just because you don’t understand Facebook ads, doesn’t mean it’s not monetizable.

Just because you’re afraid of selling, doesn’t mean it’s not monetizable.

It’s 2019. We have the internet. Someone became a bazillionaire from the pool noodle, and there are teenagers on YouTube getting paid to film themselves eating lunch…

If you are still telling the same ol’ BS story that your dream isn’t realistic or lucrative, you’re straight-up lying.

Wanna know why your system would be so against taking a run at your dreams?

Childhood programming.

Wanna undo/rewrite it?

That’s my job.

Drop me a line if you’re ready to make epic, mammoth, exhilarating change.

S’what I do.