Clutchin’ Some Pearls, Over Here…

Clutchin’ Some Pearls, Over Here…

Clutchin’ Some Pearls, Over Here…

Have you ever found yourself holding back on something because you’re worried about what your friends or family might think?

Whether they’ll be shocked?
Whether they’ll delete you?
Whether they’ll troll you?
Whether they’ll call you a liar?
Whether they’ll question your integrity or experience?

Anti-climax alert – I’ve had it all and it all has no tangible effect.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t hurt.
…but it doesn’t do anything detrimental to your business / project / dreams.

Family members deleted me – I still got clients.
Family members trolled me – My business still grew.
Family friends messaged me abuse – I expanded into downloadable courses.
Family members called me a liar – I sold out.

And the clients got such amazing results they sent testimonials like this one:


I know it’s scary. I know it feels hard.

But you can do it anyway.

You don’t need their approval.
You don’t need their support.
You don’t need their permission.

You only need your own.
And if you want someone to help you, I’m right here.

You got this – I believe in you so much.

Taken A Beating?

Taken A Beating?

Taken A Beating?

‘I feel so guilty.’
‘I really beat myself up over it.’
‘I felt terrible.’

Isn’t it ironic that shame spiralling and guilt-tripping is supposed to make you feel better?

Sounds weird, huh.

Track with me for a second.

If you broke a rule, that is to say, if you were ‘bad’...
i.e. If someone was mad at you, if you didn’t finish a project, if you didn’t complete a task, if your house is a pigsty…

And you were fine with it… Wouldn’t that make you a terrible person? Wouldn’t that make you a psycho?

If you do a bad thing, and you’re fine… what does that say about you?
You don’t care? You’re going off the rails? You’re a sociopath? You’ve lost your mind? You’re slipping into a pointless life?!

*flails dramatically*

As children, we are punished for doing ‘wrong’. We learn that we have to suffer through the penance in order to be allowed back into the tribe’s good graces.

We break something – we get time out.
We’re too noisy – we get shut in our room.
We don’t do as we’re told – we get shouted at.

Our brain learns there’s a process.

Do bad.
Get punished.
The punishment is the key back into safety. The punishment is what makes us ‘good’ again.

But now that we’re adults… who administers the punishment?

I’ll give you 3 guesses..


Guilt. Shaming. Bullying. Berating.
We do it all to ourselves.
It’s all penance to get us back to good. To get us back to safe.

But here’s the good news.

You learned it, and you applied it.
You can just as easily learn and apply something else.

Want a better way?

Let’s talk.




One of the best parts of my job is questioning everything people think is real.

I love showing someone how and why they don’t actually have any non-strategically-fabricated evidence for everything they think they believe and watching their eyes light up as the extent of the control they have over their world finally lands.

The world is not random, and you are not a hapless victim, doomed to unsuccessfully navigate it for the rest of your life.

The atoms are responding to you.

Your brain is filtering data according to your beliefs.

It’s not that ‘you’ll believe it when you see it’.

It’s ‘you can’t see it until you believe it.’

If you’d like to talk about what needs to change, apply to speak directly with me here.

If you wanna change your beliefs fasto-blasto, download my free how-to here.


BE different to GET different.

Food for thought today:

The reality you manifest is the product of your perceived identity, which dictates the choices you make. 

In order to manifest something different (e.g. money), you can’t keep making the same decisions.

You must regain control of the robot. 

You must make the choices of future-you, even when (especially when) it’s the most physically uncomfortable to do so. 

Same actions = same emotions = same reality.

Want something different? DO something different.

Finding it difficult because of what you fundamentally believe about your life and your capabilities?

I wrote a cheat sheet for changing beliefs.

Get it FREE, here:

You Make Some Really Weird Connections.

You Make Some Really Weird Connections.

If you’ve studied NLP, you’ll know that one of the most powerful words in the subconscious language is ‘because’.


‘I have to do X BECAUSE Y’

‘I have to do it for them BECAUSE otherwise they won’t get blah blah blah…’

‘I have to be there BECAUSE it won’t get done without me.’

‘I have to stay at this job BECAUSE there’s no other way to pay my bills.’


Check in with some of your beliefs about why you do what you do.

(Particularly the things you wish you didn’t do…)

Would you be able to convince a coach that any of your bad habits are necessary?


Probably not. And that’s the real reason behind all of your excuses as to why you haven’t taken the next big plunge yet.


Coaches mean change.

Coaches don’t buy into your stories.

Coaches call your ass to more.

Coaches believe in you and your skills.

Coaches enable you to do things bravely, whether fear is present or not.


And most importantly, coaches crack down on where the first part of the sentence and the last part of the sentence (held together with a tenuous ‘because’) don’t make sense……


‘Because’ is a powerful word because it has the effect of switching off further analysis.

‘X because Y’ is a complete sentence. Our subconscious mind goes after the why only until a why (any why) has been provided. 

…Even if the why is utter horse5hit.


Run a few of your stories through the legit-scanner and see if they all make total, objective sense.

Enough sense that you could convince me.

I’m a pretty hard sell, but if you think you’ve got it in you, and you’re hoping you’re wrong… apply for a discovery call to see if we’re a good fit for 1-1 coaching here.

My bet is, it’s absolutely possible for you to have everything you want. 


Let’s find out…

You Lyin’?!

You Lyin’?!

You Lyin’?!

The problem with continually saying you’re going to

  • Change this
  • Do that
  • Sort that out
  • Get onto that
  • Take up this
  • Clean that
  • Handle this
  • Get moving on that

Is that every day you don’t, is another day in the evidence bank of 

  • I can’t back myself
  • I can’t trust myself
  • I don’t follow through
  • I don’t really want to change
  • I want comfort more than progress
  • I can’t access my courage
  • I’m not ready. 


Dude. Mate. Buddy. Pal. Gurrrrrrrlll…


Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE that’s the evidence bank you want to be funding? 

I know it can be difficult to push through on your dreams but programming yourself daily to know that you’re not brave or trustworthy is making it SO. MUCH. HARDER.

Do the thing you’ve been afraid of TODAY. 
Show your system it’s safe to have faith in you.


Prove to yourself that you’re worth the effort.


Having trouble believing in yourself? Grab my free download to learn how to change beliefs HERE and if you’re ready to start manifesting your new life you can go straight to my course: Practical Manifestation HERE.



Forever in your corner,