Tried manifesting but it didn’t work?

Tried manifesting but it didn’t work?

Tried manifesting but it didn’t work?

Ok, so, I gotta talk about manifestation for a sec because it’s getting ridiculous out here…

(Yes, I am a life coach first and foremost, but reality manipulation is an essential component of that, so hang with me.)

It’s not that you ‘can’t’ manifest, or that you ‘haven’t been manifesting the stuff you want’.

Manifestation is not a magic trick where you think about a thing and it appears…

Manifestation is the name given to the phenomenon whereby our energy effectively controls and creates the reality within which we live.

This is why you must learn emotional control, along with your manifesting techniques.

You are manifesting 24hrs a day… your thoughts send out the signal and your emotions put you in alignment to draw what you’re calling in back to you.

I hear so many people say that they ‘tried manifesting and it didn’t work’ which makes me facepalm because

manifestation isn’t something you can switch on or off.

Your entire reality is the product of your state, your focus, your beliefs, and your emotions.

If you think you ‘tried and it didn’t work’, I will tell you that what you mean is…

‘I say I want one thing, but my emotions, my beliefs, and my focus are on something else entirely. I am acting like a victim of my environment which is causing me to get stuck in a loop and I keep recreating the stress and scarcity I’m trying to dig my way out of.’

A bit more long-winded, I grant you, but way more accurate. 😉

If you’re tired of spending all your time focused on (and doing affirmations around) the wealth, the health, and the success you crave without results, you need Practical Manifestation.

It’s a 4-week, at home, self-paced course designed to not only teach you the HOW and the physics behind the LOA, but also do some digging into the emotional aspects that are sabotaging your success, and show you how to control your emotions like a total ninja so that you stay on track with whatever you’re trying to create from now on.

If you’re interested but need more info, check it out here.

What’s your plan?

What’s your plan?

What’s your plan?

The weirdest part about being an entrepreneur is that you can be humming along, fully immersed in all your plans, projects, and offerings and all the amazing things you’re creating for your audience and clients, AND feeling incredible, inspired, purposeful and completely fucking AMPED…

And then a voice in your head goes ‘we have precisely ZERO reference files for this. Every day is new. We have no plan, no guidebook, no guarantees. You are legit making this up as you go along.’

For a while, that voice scared me. It reminded me that I was out here in the thick of it practically, tangibly trying to live my dreams every day.

A list of things I wanna make, for sure. But a plan? Of course not. What plan would I have, running a business based on intuition and growth?

There’s no plan… no reference files… no proof.

No guarantees, no 401k, no holiday pay.

Just courage and commitment.

It’s such a weird feeling in the body.

I recommend it.

Don’t tell me. SHOW ME!

Don’t tell me. SHOW ME!

Don’t tell me. SHOW ME!

You say you want it, but what do your actions tell me?


The truth is, when we really want something, we don’t let our circumstances stop us – we mould our circumstances around it. 

Let me explain.

I was driving down south the other day, thinking about the difference between all the people I know doing epic things, and all the people I know who say they crave epic things but aren’t taking aligned action.

Obviously, the difference is priorities, but I think it’s a level deeper than that. 

It’s the type of prioritization that requires REORGANIZATION. 

  • You won’t have time for the gym if you set up your schedule with everything else first, then try to cram in a workout.
  • You won’t have the finances for personal development if you put your money everywhere else first, then try to find a course or mentor that will scramble for what’s left.
  • You won’t have time to eat properly, if you fill your days with everything but, and then get takeout because ‘there isn’t time to find something healthy’.

You’ve likely heard the saying ‘we have time for what we make time for’, and it couldn’t be truer. 

The fittest people I know have eating and training as the base blocks of their calendar, and everything else is chosen to fit around that.

The most developed people I know invest in their education and mentorship first, then make their other financial decisions around that.

Our life is a reflection of our priorities.

That message doesn’t sit well with anyone still pretending that their priorities are imposed on them; that they are a victim of circumstance, an unwitting product of their environment.

But I say it all the same. 

Because you aren’t helped by people coddling your patterns, you move forward when you’re prepared to face the truth. 

I am no stranger to the scary decision.

In 2016 I woke up to the fact that I was in a career I hated because I thought I had to work to survive. I thought my job was the only thing keeping me safe.

The only way for me to free myself of that fear was to go into it. 

I quit my job and I spent everything I had on learning how reality actually works. 

Over 3. yrs later, my schedule prioritizes rest, eating, and exercise. Once those are in the calendar and those times are blocked out, I can see what space I have left to work. 

And from my new vantage point of health, happiness, and clarity, I can see all the opportunities to leverage the value I want to provide in the world, and thus, I receive more than I ever could in my corporate job, doing (physically) much less. 


You say you want X.

But is your calendar set up to prioritize it?

Are you choosing it every day?

Do you invest in it before other discretionary items?

Are you still telling a story about why you can’t have it?

Are you committed to the reality where you have it?

When you are presented with an opportunity to get it, do you say yes?

If the answer to any of the above is no, then I respectfully suggest that you don’t truly want it. Yet

What you are currently choosing, is what you truly want.

And anything you’re not changing is being chosen.

You may not enjoy being called out on your decisions, but you can’t change what you won’t acknowledge.

It’s time to get your actions in alignment with your words. 

You are 100% in the driver’s seat of your experience. Take the blindfold off, clamp your hands on the wheel, and let’s do this.

PS: If you’re ready to finally take action on your dreams, check out for all the support, strategy, community, mentorship, and accountability you’ll ever need. Two high-level coaches, a tribe of inspired and ambitious peers, and world-class training 3x a month, plus daily support in the private FB group. 

Did you get what you paid for?

Did you get what you paid for?

Did you get what you paid for?

Sometimes people find a coach they vibe with – someone who’s achieved what they want, and who is a good match in terms of communication, comprehension, and rapport.

They have a discovery call, they get on well, they feel that the coach truly understands them and how to get them from where they are now, to where they want to be.

They ask about the price, and they discover that living their dreams requires a significant investment.
And sometimes, they bow out.

Not often, I grant you. Because generally if they’ve made it to the point of the discovery call then they’ve already decided within themselves that their life MUST change.
Thus, the size of the investment has become irrelevant because even though investing in ourselves is scary, nothing is scarier than another year passing by and finding themselves in exactly the same spot:

Still stressed.
Still trying to ‘get myself out there’.
Still self-sabotaging.
Still wasting what little resources they have on a half-a55ed, procrastination and confusion-soaked struggle.

Another year they could’ve made 6-figures in the business of their dreams but they were (ironically) still trying to save money…

The reason I am writing this post today is not to judge – because we’ve all panicked and run at various times in our lives.
I’m writing it because the ‘logic’ in it is hilarious.

Check this line of thinking, for a sec…

The coach you want to work with isn’t cheap.
Of course, the services of someone whose commodity is *valuable* won’t be cheap.


(are you ready?)

You go for someone cheaper…

(still with me?)

In order to learn…

(wait for it…)

How to make mega-bank living your dreams…

(T-minus 3, 2, 1…)

From someone who isn’t.

**record scratch**

Wait, what?

If your no.1 goal is to undercharge for your services so that you have to work even harder on your dreams than you ever did in a job you hated… then, by all means, find yourself a role-model in that field and (under) pay them.

But if your goals look more like:

Doing whatever you want,
whenever you want,
however you want,
for as much as you want.

…You’ll need a coach that knows their worth and is up-front and unapologetic about receiving it.


Your coach doesn’t just guide you through the re-wiring process; they also provide an up-leveled nervous system for yours to calibrate to. You will feel safer taking leaps when you’re in the company of those that have done so and thrived. The company you keep is a SIGNIFICANT factor in whether or not you succeed.

So if you’re in the habit of shopping based on price, I have a few #journalprompts for you:

What is the best way for me to demonstrate to my future clients/supporters/investors/backers that I am worth investing in?

Are my decisions/behaviours in alignment with my ideal client?

Who decides how I live? Me, or money?

And as always, if any of this content has brought up any pain, discomfort, frustration or resistance within you, congratulations! You just found a pain point that’s ready to be excavated.

Sounds like it’s time for you to #getacoach

SUPER important + a surprise!!

SUPER important + a surprise!!

SUPER important + a surprise!!

So, here’s a thing you gotta know.

We’re a herd species. And in order to stay safe and accepted within the herd, we naturally calibrate to the standards of the people around us.

What does this mean for your business and your income?

Put simply – you are the average of the people you spend the most time with.

A quick example:

The first time I hired a coach making 80-100k a year, my coaching income came up to that standard within a few months.
My next coach was doing about 200k, and I started doing 15-25k months, too.
Then I started working with someone who was doing 30k a month, and within a year I was clearing 40k/month.

Whatever your nervous system sees as normal and safe, it will accept.

So take a look at the people around you.
Are they ‘leading’ in the way you’d like to? Are they living in a way you aspire to?
Are they earning the kind of money you want in a joyous, purposeful way that creates passion and actually *improves* their health, rather than wearing them down?

If not… Please know that your nervous system has noticed.
And it is making sure you don’t fall out of favour with that sector of your tribe by out-pacing them, success-wise.

When your tribe is making bank, you tend to make bank too. Because it’s just how y’all do!
When your tribe is chucking in the 9-5 to go live their purpose, you tend to as well. Because it’s just how y’all do!
When your tribe is sharing vulnerably and being constantly energetically rewarded for that deep work, you tend to as well. Because it’s just how y’all do!
When your tribe is elevating every single week, you tend to as well. Because it’s just how y’all do!

Because I know how critical your tribe dynamics are for your success, I decided to create one for you!

My new mastermind – Wavelength – officially starts in January, however Founders Rates are NOW OPEN for early-adopters wanting to get in on the ground level.
The first 3 people to join before Dec 8th will receive not only a phenomenal price point, but bonus calls in December to make sure you’re kicking off 2020 on a high.

But wait, there’s more… (no, it’s not steak knives, lol…)

In Wavelength, you get not 1, but TWO COACHES. 

That’s right! Wavelength is a joint venture between me and my biz bestie, Dan Mason from Creative Soul Coaching.

Wavelength provides 3 group calls per month plus unlimited written support in a private Facebook group.

If you’re ready to start taking your life, your business and your development seriously, DM me to claim your spot.


P.S. Dan and I recorded a podcast recently explaining everything, follow me on Insta to get the link when it drops xo

What did you decide?

What did you decide?

What did you decide?

I had a coaching client say to me the other day ‘I decided that I was going to have X and then it didn’t happen.’

My response?

‘You didn’t decide.’

I said it with total certainty. Before I’d asked for clarity, before I’d asked for details, and before I’d asked her what she’d done.

Wanna know how I knew?

2 ways.


When you really make a decision, it’s a life-altering, perception-shifting, felt-in-the-body moment.

Do you remember where you were when you first heard about the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers?

I do.

AND… I remember where I was when I decided that I would never stress about money again.

We make wishes every day. We think, ‘that’d be nice’ all the time.

But when you DECIDE, you turn an energetic corner in your life. So you would never say ‘I decided and it didn’t work’ because from the minute you decide you can literally FEEL it working.

The timeline becomes irrelevant. The size of the movement in the attraction vortex of that particular day becomes irrelevant. Stumbling blocks in your current matrix become irrelevant.

Once you’ve DECIDED, everything starts shifting. Not in a woo-woo ‘I think I feel better’ way, but in an ‘It’s coming. I can see components of it landing. The stepping stones are appearing. This portion showed up already’ way.

And secondly,

She said, ‘it didn’t happen’. This is nominalization. Externalizing the issue or the phenomenon to relinquish responsibility. When you DECIDE, you take your power back and you recover your ability to shift your reality. A person who had decided would never make an assessment of the situation that puts themselves in a victimized state.

The two simply don’t go together.

Some of you reading this are probably wondering if you’ve ever truly DECIDED to change anything in your life.

Some of you are having a massive breakthrough about why the things you thought you were manifesting still haven’t landed.

And some of you are annoyed that I keep capitalizing the word ‘DECIDED’ because if you haven’t picked up on the true impact of the word, the emphasis will seem redundant.

So let’s get to something tangible that will actually help you.

HOW DO YOU KNOW when you’ve decided?

  1. It’s a moment in time. You can’t miss it.
  2. Every decision you make afterward will be from the standpoint of the new reality. If you’re still making the same choices, still pretending to be a victim of circumstance, running the same scripts… you didn’t decide.
  3. You will deliberately seek out evidence of the new perspective, and inevitably, you’ll find it. Because the part of your brain that filters data only accepts things that align with your existing world view. Shift that = see new things.