Got the handbrake on?

Got the handbrake on?

Got the handbrake on?

My father always said I should work either in journalism or graphic design because I was a competent writer and I had an eye for layout and design. I wasn’t even remotely interested in journalism because I prefer writing fiction (my first novel, ‘Crash and Burn’ was published in October 2017 – it’s on Amazon now) and graphic design was, at that time, something all the ‘cool kids’ were pursuing, which ruled me out. 

What I now realize he’d picked up on, was how alarmingly attuned I was to things out of place. It’s likely linked to my hyper-vigilance but essentially, things like spelling errors, misaligned margins, tautology, and colour clashes, etc. practically leap off the page at me. It makes me a nightmare to argue with because people naturally contradict themselves when they’re emotional and their defense mechanisms are grasping at straws, and I see it all.

When I was in Risk Management (my corporate career before coaching) it was great because I could see clearly what part of a project risk assessment was wrong so fast I barely needed to stop scrolling the document. It wasn’t great for making friends though. People who make a lot of mistakes don’t appreciate you noticing them quickly and sending back their documents destroyed by red pen and ‘track changes’. Especially not if they’re being paid more than you. So for the longest time, I kind of assumed my ‘talent’ was just the thing that made me unlikeable. 


What I’ve since realized (now that I’m doing my dream job and loving every minute of it) is that, as previously mentioned, my gift has an equal and opposing need in the world. People lost in out-of-date meanings and limiting stories have major revelations when I point out a significant discrepancy in the story they’ve been telling themselves for the last two decades about why they can’t do XYZ. 

In a lengthy paragraph of BS, one solitary word is often all it takes for me to figure out what survival need the client’s nervous system is battling for, and once I know that I can start the rewiring process. Which quite literally frees them up to leap out in the world and start turning their dreams into projects. No-one is saying you’ll never achieve your dreams without this service but think of it like driving with the handbrake on. You can, but it’s faster, more fun and smells better if you don’t

Dig this vibe?

It IS monetizable

It IS monetizable

It IS monetizable

A few years ago, I was standing in my office, holding a cup of coffee and whining. It was a fairly common sight because I was deeply unhappy.

Don’t confuse that with ‘ungrateful’ – I was extremely grateful for my amazing team, my executive salary, and the immense amount of education I was getting, having changed industries to take up that particular job.

But money, like anti-depressants, won’t make you happy if you hate your daily life. You can’t buy or medicate your way out of not living your dreams. And on this particular day, I was whining about why my perfect job apparently didn’t exist.

“I am a troubleshooter,” I exclaimed, pointlessly. “My biggest skill is in seeing discrepancies and pointing them out. Anything out of place stands out like dog’s balls – why won’t anyone pay me to drink coffee and identify what the hell’s gone wrong?!”

It’s a skill I’ve always had, and up until 2016 didn’t make much use of it. I had a brief stint as a report editor, and it was extremely useful then, but otherwise, I had made it a source of frustration. I used it to correct things people didn’t want corrected, and I emailed people a lot of documents with an offensive amount of red-pen or ‘track changes’ comments. What I learned from this was that seemingly, my greatest gift was one of the primary reasons people didn’t like me.


Cut to now, and I have a thriving business doing essentially that. My greatest skill – seeing discrepancies, specious reasoning, correlation mistaken for causation, rampant extrapolation, and just basic, good old-fashioned wrongness, is now the reason I will never have to go back to a career that doesn’t light me up again.


Just because you haven’t seen anyone else make money off it, doesn’t mean it’s not monetizable.

Just because you don’t currently know how to market it, doesn’t mean it’s not monetizable.

Just because you don’t understand Facebook ads, doesn’t mean it’s not monetizable.

Just because you’re afraid of selling, doesn’t mean it’s not monetizable.

It’s 2019. We have the internet. Someone became a bazillionaire from the pool noodle, and there are teenagers on YouTube getting paid to film themselves eating lunch…

If you are still telling the same ol’ BS story that your dream isn’t realistic or lucrative, you’re straight-up lying.

Wanna know why your system would be so against taking a run at your dreams?

Childhood programming.

Wanna undo/rewrite it?

That’s my job.

Drop me a line if you’re ready to make epic, mammoth, exhilarating change.

S’what I do. 

Why You Want A Financial Target

Why You Want A Financial Target

Why You Want A Financial Target

Hey y’all!!

As you would’ve seen in my very personal, very vulnerable email a little while ago, business is going well.

And I believe that sharing success is critical for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s how we show people what’s possible. I personally follow a bunch of people specifically because they make earning and receiving look comically simple. That’s how I know business can be, and what I’ve adopted into my life for the sake of my health.
  2. As Tony Robbins says: Success leaves clues. Whatever your favourite role model is doing can be replicated. But you wouldn’t know to work with them if you didn’t know how well they were doing! Sharing really is caring.

So on the subject of ‘success leaves clues’, I want to tell you guys about something that’s working really well for me right now: 

Financial targets.

For the longest time, I resisted putting a financial goal on my whiteboard.

My main argument was that I had put in place a model of reality a couple of years ago that said ‘my business does 5 figures a month, regardless of how many hours I put in’ and it has been working brilliantly.

It took a couple of weeks of effort to cement it, and the effect took about 12 weeks to stabilize, but once it was in, it was in. 

So why start picking numbers now? 

Well, to be honest, my business partner Dan and I (we are developing a Mastermind that launches in December) decided to set targets as a game. I’d never found fun in this kind of thing before (lol) but as a ‘solopreneur’ it can get a bit lonely running a business alone and I thought the team vibe of cheering each other on and supporting each other in the race to the monetary finish line would be fun. So I agreed. 

Now, obviously, the goal was a stretch goal. No point choosing a number the business will comfortably tick over on its own. 

So, we picked big numbers, and we went for it.

About 2 weeks into the month, I was well on track, but the last 12k wasn’t assured or confirmed. All my clients on payment plans were up to date and my next discovery calls were over a week away.

Which prompted me to think (swivelling around in my office chair, unceremoniously slopping coffee on my yoga pants). If I wanted to generate 12k in the next few days, what would I be happy to give people in exchange for that?

What would I be mega excited to offer? What is my most favorite thing to do with people that I could build an offer around?

The answer: Deprogramming. LOOOOOOVE untangling psyches.

And the idea for the October Special popped into my head. (You may have seen it shared on FB or IG.)

I was so amped to put down the details I kept making typos and it took a half-hour to complete, lol. That’s how you know it’s a good one. So I shared it, and it sold the outstanding $12k in about 72hrs.

So here’s what I learned: 

It’s not that your business won’t make money without a target.
But the target gets you to stop and think of phenomenal new ideas! 
If Dan and I hadn’t made that pact, I never would’ve contemplated the offer that turned out to be crazy popular.

So I challenge you to ask yourself this week: ‘If I HAD TO make an extra $XYZ this week… What would I be prepared to do? What would I love to do? What am I so good at that I would do it whether I got paid or not?

Do you have any experience with setting financial goals? I’d love to hear how it went!

Let me know 😀

Real Talk

Real Talk

Real Talk

If you’ve proven that the way you operate isn’t getting you the life of your dreams, what makes you think that operating the same way for the next year will have any other effect?


If you’ve demonstrated that your beliefs about money haven’t brought in an abundance of it, how can you still fight for them as though they’re correct?


If you know you have blocks in certain areas because you procrastinate, get distracted, feel overwhelmed or otherwise experience your nervous system steering you away from progress, but you don’t take real, active steps to get the blocks fixed/healed/removed/resolved, do you understand that you are actively choosing to KEEP those blocks?


If you’ve been repeating certain sayings for a long time and getting commensurate life results, do you understand that your commitment to that reality is what’s perpetuating it?


It Breaks. My. Heart to see people doggedly clinging to the very things they say they want to change. Fighting tooth and nail to ‘prove’ that they ‘can’t’ do things. Arguing for their limitations even in the face of overwhelming evidence that more is possible.


If you could do one amazing thing for yourself today, I hope and pray and wish that it would be to recognize that you can ‘feel’ like something is ‘right’ (because it is familiar), but still recognize that it’s not working for you.

➡️ E.g. You can ‘feel’ like your panic about money is ‘right’, and still notice that it hasn’t yielded any increase in income.


You can ‘feel’ like everything you want to do has ‘all been done before’ and still notice other people wading into the market and making BANK.


You can ‘feel’ like you’re too ‘scared’ or ‘lazy’ or ‘underqualified’ to live your dreams, and still see people with raging anxiety and no certifications going for their dreams before they’re more terrified of regret than any misperception of ‘failure’.


A belief is not a truth; it’s a decision.


What you choose to believe determines the decisions you make and the emotions you experience, which in turn determines what you manifest and what your brain will allow you to see / perceive.

🌀Your beliefs are up to you.🌀

What are you risking by hanging onto all the ones that you’ve proven don’t get you what you want?

Happy To Be Wrong?

Happy To Be Wrong?

Happy To Be Wrong?

I’ve been to plenty of personal development events.

3 in-person international retreats/events with Mastin Kipp, UPW and DWD with Tony Robbins, and a handful of others run by people you probably haven’t heard of, so I won’t bother listing.

Everyone in the room gets the same information…

But do they?

The speaker says what they have to say…but only some of us walk out of the room at the end of the event and turn their words into a whole new life.

I have a theory.

It has nothing to do with skill, nothing to do with qualifications, and certainly nothing to do with discipline.

My theory is that the ones who take action on the new information, are simply more prepared to be WRONG.

Hear me out…

I don’t mean they’re brave enough to fail, though I’m sure that’s a contributing factor.

I mean they’re prepared to hear something in that room that conflicts with everything they’ve known up until now… and consider what life would be like if it were true.

When Tony says that opportunities are everywhere… Many people in the room won’t necessarily resonate with it if they have had a life of struggle up until that point.

But do they all reject it and continue living the same life?

Obviously not – almost everyone I know with a multiple-6 or 7-figure business started out in struggle.

Some of them take a pause. And consider that they may be WRONG.

Some of them ask themselves…
What if he’s right?
What would I have to believe for my brain to let me see them?
If I took on the idea that opportunities were everywhere, where would I look?
What would I do differently?
What would I say yes to?

I have a theory that the ones in the room that actually benefit from the content, aren’t necessarily the ‘best’ people. They don’t all have the highest IQ, or the most supportive family, or the most resources.

But when Tony or Mastin or Chiara or Andy or Lisa or Regan or any of the speakers out there who change lives say ‘Hey – it’s more like this…’

…the ones who make it are the ones who actually LISTEN.

The ones who say ‘huh. It’s obviously working for them – what if they’re on to something?’


When someone on your social media feed says something that contradicts how you’ve operated up until now, what’s your typical reaction?

‘That’s not realistic.’
‘I already know that.’
‘That doesn’t work for everyone.’
‘That’s not applicable to me.’
‘They don’t understand.’
‘They probably have rich parents.’


‘Huh. If I adopted that perspective, what would I have to change?’
***cue discomfort***
‘Well isn’t that some interesting bio-feedback. Why am I so invested in the old perspective?’
***raises topic with coach***
***processes fears***
***releases old wiring and adopts fundamental change at the root cause level***
***changes whole life, lives dreams***

Which one are you?

And if you’re feeling some annoyance, discomfort or frustration around this content, what are you learning?

Real Talk

I Know You Can. Here’s Why –

I Know You Can. Here’s Why –

I wanna tell you that you CAN.

…And here’s how I know.

So many people that I talk to about coaching ask me how I got into it and I say (nutshell version) ‘I quit my corporate career back in 2016, sold everything I owned, packed a backpack and went in search of my bucket list items.’

Then they tell me I was brave.

And I can’t quite get on board with that.

It would’ve been brave to leave years earlier, but I let the universe and my body push me to the absolute brink before I finally shifted.

I am amused by that, but ‘proud’ would be a stretch… 

By the time I finally listened, I had chronic fatigue, my thyroid was dead, my face had literal holes in it and I started most days with blood running down my cheeks and forehead, I was frozen and crying all the time, drinking on weeknights and the results had just come in on my first tumour. 

Leaving at that point wasn’t so much ‘brave’, as it was ‘past the point of choice’.

And on top of that, I had no plans and was still 100% convinced that launching a coaching business wasn’t possible. 


You know what shifted it? Coaching.

Coaching isn’t counselling – it’s re-writing your programming. 

We’re not just gonna cry about your feelings, we’re gonna change your wiring so that you can be anyone you want and get the commensurate lifestyle. 

Within a few months of leaving my job I had published a novel, launched a business, and was living in Canada scouting chalets in preparation to do a resort season to get my snowboarding up to scratch.

You CAN do it.
You CAN have everything you want.

But NOT from the mindset and programming you’re dealing with today. 

If you want a different outcome, you have to change the input.

If you’re ready to change the input, DM me so we can find a time for a coffee and see what’s possible for you.