Clutchin’ some pearls, over here…

admin Aug 20, 2019

Have you ever found yourself holding back on something because you’re worried about what your friends or family might think?

Whether they’ll be shocked?
Whether they’ll delete you?
Whether they’ll troll you?
Whether they’ll call you a liar?
Whether they’ll question your integrity or experience?

Anti-climax alert – I’ve had it all and it all has no tangible effect.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t hurt.
…but it doesn’t do anything detrimental to your business / project / dreams.

Family members deleted me – I still got clients.
Family members trolled me – My business still grew.
Family friends messaged me abuse – I expanded into downloadable courses.
Family members called me a liar – I sold out.

And the clients got such amazing results they sent testimonials like this one:

I know it’s scary. I know it feels hard.

But you can do it anyway.

You don’t need their approval.
You don’t need their support.
You don’t need their permission.

You only need your own.
And if you want someone to help you, I’m right here.

You got this – I believe in you so much.


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