Executive Coaching

This is an intensive 1-month program for intelligent, driven executives and entrepreneurs who prefer their information like a fire hose, and have the strength and emotional fortitude to go very deep, very fast. This type of coaching is best suited to people who want quick results and are willing to apply focused and consistent effort to gain serious clarity and make massive progress in 4 weeks.

Are any of these applicable to you?

  • You are highly skilled, a fast learner and well qualified, but you seem to have hit a ‘glass ceiling’ in your career and can’t figure out how to push through to the next level
  • You feel that things are happening ‘to you’, as opposed to you leading and directing your career and progress
  • You have missed some opportunities due to fear, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness etc.
  • You have huge dreams, lots of opportunity and possibly even a plan, but you can’t get yourself to take action
  • You know what you have to do, but you’re terrified to take the next step and you don’t know why
  • You’re constantly worried you’re not good enough / skilled enough / qualified enough / likeable enough to really live your dreams
  • Despite different jobs, cities, careers, bosses, relationships… you seem to keep repeating the same sabotage patterns
  • Confusion, overwhelm, anxiety, or procrastination keep winning
  • You’re too smart to still be stuck in a job, city or relationship you hate, so you’re confused and angry as to why you’re not able to break through and take control.

If you are looking for a real advantage, to re-gain control over your career, direction, relationships and actions, then my Executive Coaching Intensive is for you.

The Executive Coaching Intensive involves:

4 weekly sessions – 2hrs each, via Skype, booked at the client’s convenience. Weekend sessions are also available to accommodate those working a standard 9-5.

BONUS: 1 follow-up support session that can either be booked as a check-in, or credited towards the next program if the client elects to enroll in private coaching to continue their progress.

Apply for a complimentary discovery call to establish whether this program is right for you. This call includes an in-depth discussion around the components of the program and how they can assist with your specific situation.