Give it all away.

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Blog

The impact of your home environment on your psyche can not be understated.

(Also – autocorrect changed ‘psyche’ to ‘psycho’ and that sentence still made sense… lol)

The standard you set in your home, the standard you look at every day (even more during this shutdown!) is the standard your subconscious mind takes on:

Keeping a lot of crap we don’t need? No problem.

Dusty, sticky, unkempt? Can do.

Cluttered, confusing, inefficient? No worries.

Prioritizing junk over peace and flow? Gotcha.

I know I harp on about the spring clean and the closet clear-out and the constant curation of my space… but the reason I let it take up so much of my content is that it WORKS.

When I am feeling uncreative… I make space for creativity.

When I am feeling unfocussed… I make space for attention.

When I am feeling disconnected… I make space for a more authentic expression of myself.

All of that requires heaving out the junk, taking the donate box to goodwill, filling the bins and refining the possessions.

Today I changed all the shelving in my big closet, changed my wardrobe around to create a feature of my most treasured and colourful wardrobe items, tripled the size of my Goodwill pile and cleaned and dusted my whole studio.

And Hey Presto… I finally had the mental space I had been missing to sit down and complete the course work for my Master Coach certificate.

I urge you to attempt the biggest ejection of space fillers your home has ever seen, and watch the universe fill the vacuum with everything you’ve been praying for but had no room to receive ❤️

You’re worth it 😁