Got the handbrake on?

by | Nov 10, 2019 | Blog, Business

My father always said I should work either in journalism or graphic design because I was a competent writer and I had an eye for layout and design. I wasn’t even remotely interested in journalism because I prefer writing fiction (my first novel, ‘Crash and Burn’ was published in October 2017 – it’s on Amazon now) and graphic design was, at that time, something all the ‘cool kids’ were pursuing, which ruled me out. 

What I now realize he’d picked up on, was how alarmingly attuned I was to things out of place. It’s likely linked to my hyper-vigilance but essentially, things like spelling errors, misaligned margins, tautology, and colour clashes, etc. practically leap off the page at me. It makes me a nightmare to argue with because people naturally contradict themselves when they’re emotional and their defense mechanisms are grasping at straws, and I see it all.

When I was in Risk Management (my corporate career before coaching) it was great because I could see clearly what part of a project risk assessment was wrong so fast I barely needed to stop scrolling the document. It wasn’t great for making friends though. People who make a lot of mistakes don’t appreciate you noticing them quickly and sending back their documents destroyed by red pen and ‘track changes’. Especially not if they’re being paid more than you. So for the longest time, I kind of assumed my ‘talent’ was just the thing that made me unlikeable. 


What I’ve since realized (now that I’m doing my dream job and loving every minute of it) is that, as previously mentioned, my gift has an equal and opposing need in the world. People lost in out-of-date meanings and limiting stories have major revelations when I point out a significant discrepancy in the story they’ve been telling themselves for the last two decades about why they can’t do XYZ. 

In a lengthy paragraph of BS, one solitary word is often all it takes for me to figure out what survival need the client’s nervous system is battling for, and once I know that I can start the rewiring process. Which quite literally frees them up to leap out in the world and start turning their dreams into projects. No-one is saying you’ll never achieve your dreams without this service but think of it like driving with the handbrake on. You can, but it’s faster, more fun and smells better if you don’t

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