Groundhog Day?

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Blog

All the successful people I’ve met have something in common:

They took steps to change the old pattern, rather than remaining a prisoner of the pattern.

Let me explain.

If you are not where you want to be, then whoever you’re being and whatever you’re doing clearly isn’t working. Right? I hope we agree on the bare evidence, at least.

So, if you don’t make massive change to how you operate, it doesn’t seem very logical or reasonable that things would change… correct?

The difference between people who succeed and people who keep recreating what they know, is that successful people recognize that they can’t use their current circumstances as an excuse for not changing, because they created their current circumstances by doing / being / thinking how they’ve done / been / thought.

We are not ‘to blame’ for everything in our projection, but we are ‘at the cause’, meaning our reality is constructed in response to us.

So, let’s apply this practically, with a common-place example:

If you aren’t making change because you’re saying that you ‘can’t afford it’, does it make much sense to you to continue operating the same way, given that those methods made you broke?!

I KNOW it’s scary to release money.
I KNOW it’s scary to consider debt.
I KNOW it’s scary to take a leap of faith.
I KNOW it’s scary to invest in yourself.

I, and everyone else who’s done it, KNOW how nerve-wracking it is.

But you know what’s even more scary?

Staying in the same situation for the next 20yrs.

When I hired my first coach (10yrs ago now) I had just moved in with my abusive boyfriend because I couldn’t make my mortgage payments. I sold everything I owned and took out a credit card to cover the bill

True story: I phoned Tony Robbins Companies from under a dining room table in the fetal position. I couldn’t even afford the toll-call, let alone the coach, but what I said to the person who picked up was: ‘I don’t even really know what a coach does, but you have to help me.’

You don’t have to get to the point of a breakdown to breakthrough… but if you’re going to break down, you may as well break through… 😉

That was the start of my re-wiring, and it was worth every penny. I’ve been travelling the world living my dreams for the last 2.5yrs after I finally packed in my exec career back in 2016, and I’ve not been without support since. Right now, I’m working with 4 different coaches and THEY ARE THE REASON I can afford them.

They up level my identity to the person that has what I want.
They call me on my BS.
They don’t let me run fear or victim patterns when I’m moving fast.
They hold my hand when I have to do a scary thing.
They celebrate my wins with me.
They teach me phenomenal strategy.
They illuminate my psychological blindspots.


Here’s a thought for you to mull over:

We invest in ourselves to the level we believe we deserve.

Where have you been discounting your worth up until now? Drop me a comment and let me know all of your feels.