Happy To Be Wrong?

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Blog, Business

I’ve been to plenty of personal development events.

3 in-person international retreats/events with Mastin Kipp, UPW and DWD with Tony Robbins, and a handful of others run by people you probably haven’t heard of, so I won’t bother listing.

Everyone in the room gets the same information…

But do they?

The speaker says what they have to say…but only some of us walk out of the room at the end of the event and turn their words into a whole new life.

I have a theory.

It has nothing to do with skill, nothing to do with qualifications, and certainly nothing to do with discipline.

My theory is that the ones who take action on the new information, are simply more prepared to be WRONG.

Hear me out…

I don’t mean they’re brave enough to fail, though I’m sure that’s a contributing factor.

I mean they’re prepared to hear something in that room that conflicts with everything they’ve known up until now… and consider what life would be like if it were true.

When Tony says that opportunities are everywhere… Many people in the room won’t necessarily resonate with it if they have had a life of struggle up until that point.

But do they all reject it and continue living the same life?

Obviously not – almost everyone I know with a multiple-6 or 7-figure business started out in struggle.

Some of them take a pause. And consider that they may be WRONG.

Some of them ask themselves…
What if he’s right?
What would I have to believe for my brain to let me see them?
If I took on the idea that opportunities were everywhere, where would I look?
What would I do differently?
What would I say yes to?

I have a theory that the ones in the room that actually benefit from the content, aren’t necessarily the ‘best’ people. They don’t all have the highest IQ, or the most supportive family, or the most resources.

But when Tony or Mastin or Chiara or Andy or Lisa or Regan or any of the speakers out there who change lives say ‘Hey – it’s more like this…’

…the ones who make it are the ones who actually LISTEN.

The ones who say ‘huh. It’s obviously working for them – what if they’re on to something?’


When someone on your social media feed says something that contradicts how you’ve operated up until now, what’s your typical reaction?

‘That’s not realistic.’
‘I already know that.’
‘That doesn’t work for everyone.’
‘That’s not applicable to me.’
‘They don’t understand.’
‘They probably have rich parents.’


‘Huh. If I adopted that perspective, what would I have to change?’
***cue discomfort***
‘Well isn’t that some interesting bio-feedback. Why am I so invested in the old perspective?’
***raises topic with coach***
***processes fears***
***releases old wiring and adopts fundamental change at the root cause level***
***changes whole life, lives dreams***

Which one are you?

And if you’re feeling some annoyance, discomfort or frustration around this content, what are you learning?