I Keep Doing The Affirmations And Nothing Is Changing!

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Blog

I want to take a moment to address this because it’s a super common misconception that you can talk yourself into a different reality without engaging your emotional state.

Affirmations, visualizations, journal prompts and Kylego, etc. are tools, designed to get you to feel the emotions you would feel if your goal was already achieved.

Simply saying the affirmation or picturing the goal isn’t going to cause a manifestation if you’re not prepared to change how you’re thinking and feeling.

What we know from quantum physics is that atoms respond to our vibration, and our vibration comes down to our emotional state.

Newtonian (matrix level) is ’cause and effect’.
Quantum (the building blocks of reality) is ‘effect triggers cause’, meaning that you need to create the effect of your goal having been achieved (e.g. feeling proud, successful, secure, important, safe, calm and excited, etc.) in order to issue the correct blueprint.

Someone who is excited will create a world full of things to excite them because the atoms build a reality that supports and reinforces who you ARE, not what you want.

Someone who is constantly frustrated will generate a world full of things that frustrate them.

In addition, whatever you focus on, your brain assumes it’s important and relevant and prioritizes it. So if you’re focused on problems, your brain deliberately seeks them out and prioritizes them for extra attention. Then, as you pour more fuel into them rather than elevating past them, they get bigger. And the cycle continues until you learn to control your emotional state, independent of your environment.

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