I Know You Can. Here’s Why –

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Blog, Business

I wanna tell you that you CAN.

…And here’s how I know.

So many people that I talk to about coaching ask me how I got into it and I say (nutshell version) ‘I quit my corporate career back in 2016, sold everything I owned, packed a backpack and went in search of my bucket list items.’

Then they tell me I was brave.

And I can’t quite get on board with that.

It would’ve been brave to leave years earlier, but I let the universe and my body push me to the absolute brink before I finally shifted.

I am amused by that, but ‘proud’ would be a stretch… 

By the time I finally listened, I had chronic fatigue, my thyroid was dead, my face had literal holes in it and I started most days with blood running down my cheeks and forehead, I was frozen and crying all the time, drinking on weeknights and the results had just come in on my first tumour. 

Leaving at that point wasn’t so much ‘brave’, as it was ‘past the point of choice’.

And on top of that, I had no plans and was still 100% convinced that launching a coaching business wasn’t possible. 


You know what shifted it? Coaching.

Coaching isn’t counselling – it’s re-writing your programming. 

We’re not just gonna cry about your feelings, we’re gonna change your wiring so that you can be anyone you want and get the commensurate lifestyle. 

Within a few months of leaving my job I had published a novel, launched a business, and was living in Canada scouting chalets in preparation to do a resort season to get my snowboarding up to scratch.

You CAN do it.
You CAN have everything you want.

But NOT from the mindset and programming you’re dealing with today. 

If you want a different outcome, you have to change the input.

If you’re ready to change the input, DM me so we can find a time for a coffee and see what’s possible for you.