It IS monetizable

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Blog, Business

A few years ago, I was standing in my office, holding a cup of coffee and whining. It was a fairly common sight because I was deeply unhappy.

Don’t confuse that with ‘ungrateful’ – I was extremely grateful for my amazing team, my executive salary, and the immense amount of education I was getting, having changed industries to take up that particular job.

But money, like anti-depressants, won’t make you happy if you hate your daily life. You can’t buy or medicate your way out of not living your dreams. And on this particular day, I was whining about why my perfect job apparently didn’t exist.

“I am a troubleshooter,” I exclaimed, pointlessly. “My biggest skill is in seeing discrepancies and pointing them out. Anything out of place stands out like dog’s balls – why won’t anyone pay me to drink coffee and identify what the hell’s gone wrong?!”

It’s a skill I’ve always had, and up until 2016 didn’t make much use of it. I had a brief stint as a report editor, and it was extremely useful then, but otherwise, I had made it a source of frustration. I used it to correct things people didn’t want corrected, and I emailed people a lot of documents with an offensive amount of red-pen or ‘track changes’ comments. What I learned from this was that seemingly, my greatest gift was one of the primary reasons people didn’t like me.


Cut to now, and I have a thriving business doing essentially that. My greatest skill – seeing discrepancies, specious reasoning, correlation mistaken for causation, rampant extrapolation, and just basic, good old-fashioned wrongness, is now the reason I will never have to go back to a career that doesn’t light me up again.


Just because you haven’t seen anyone else make money off it, doesn’t mean it’s not monetizable.

Just because you don’t currently know how to market it, doesn’t mean it’s not monetizable.

Just because you don’t understand Facebook ads, doesn’t mean it’s not monetizable.

Just because you’re afraid of selling, doesn’t mean it’s not monetizable.

It’s 2019. We have the internet. Someone became a bazillionaire from the pool noodle, and there are teenagers on YouTube getting paid to film themselves eating lunch…

If you are still telling the same ol’ BS story that your dream isn’t realistic or lucrative, you’re straight-up lying.

Wanna know why your system would be so against taking a run at your dreams?

Childhood programming.

Wanna undo/rewrite it?

That’s my job.

Drop me a line if you’re ready to make epic, mammoth, exhilarating change.

S’what I do.