It’s always a yes.

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Blog

We live in a yes/and universe. There is no ‘no’ with the way our universe works. 

But there are different kinds of yes’s. And today we’re going to discuss them, because I think some of you may be mistaking different types of yeses for nos… 😉


The 4 main types of yeses:


The Direct Yes

This is when the answer is a solid, obvious, resounding yes. The client says yes to your offer. The audience member DMs you in response to your post. The thing you requested be made manifest shows up (in a way you’re prepared to see it) within a few hours/days. These are great, but if you’re reliant on these to maintain motivation.. you’re f*cked.                              

The indirect yes.

This is when what you’re doing in the moment was actually the stepping-stone to the yes. E.g. the client you’re pitching right now says no, but it’s because she’s just realized you need to work with her husband first and is planning to sell something to pay for it (this has happened to me). Or the person you’re talking to doesn’t ‘get it’, but you had to meet them to create the connection to your actual yes (have also experienced this one specifically).                                                                                                                                    

The delayed yes.

This is when you’re asking for the wrong reason or you’re not emotionally equipped to handle what you’ve asked to manifest. We can usually spot a DY because it’s preceded by some ‘Universe University’ as I call it… A small test to see if your resolve / resilience / courage is where it needs to be to handle all sides of your request. An example: a large bill right before a large expansion in your business. (Successful business owners have bigger bills than unsuccessful business owners. If you can’t handle both sides, you get neither. Brave up.)                                                                                                                    

The ‘something better’ yes.

This is where you’ve requested what you think you can get, but you’ve also done your ‘Jesus take the wheel’ meditation and are completely open to the fastest and most overwhelming version of your request appearing. I remember doing this for my first attempt at a 35k month. I hit 41k effortlessly (no marketing, only change to the usual routine was an inspired FB post – energy trumps strategy). I love these.. obviously. Lol. 

So tell me… Where are you now realizing you might’ve had a yes in progress but you mistook it for a ‘no’ and switched your energy back to ‘it’s not happening/I don’t want it/see this always happens to me’ blah blah blah…?

Hot take: that yes is still circling. It’s still in your orbit. The chopper is hovering but it’s looking for the green helipad and you’re still glowing red…

Are you strong enough to go back to feeling in alignment with everything you desire, even though the allure of being ‘right’ about how it didn’t work out is so delicious? 

I hope so… 😉