It’s in your blind spot…

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Blog

I felt the bird was adorable and the caption mimicked the subject line.

Hope you don’t mind – I freakin’ LOVE memes…;)

So anyway…

I was talking to one of my clients today, who happens to be a phenomenal coach herself, and she talked about the benefits of reflecting back to people what’s hidden in their blindspot.

It’s such an underrated skill because what people generally don’t realize is, all their assessments about themselves, their lives, their possibilities, and what’s ‘realistic’ are limited to the parameters of what their brain is willing to let past the filters.

So I thought it might be worth breaking down in this week’s blog.

Something everyone needs to understand is that trusting your eyes and ears alone is a dangerously limited stance.

I say that because it isn’t actually the eyes that see and the ears that hear. They are conduits for electrical data, but once that data is in your brain it gets distorted to fit your Models of Reality (MOR).

(You may have seen me speak on Lives and in previous blogs about upgrading or changing your MORs in order to make sustainable change in your life).

The old saying ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ is actually biologically impossible, because you can’t actually see anything you don’t already believe is possible, and what you believe is possible is inevitably based on things you’ve seen before (the past).

So if you’re relying on what you can physically see and hear right now, you’re basically saying ‘I’m only prepared to repeat the past.’

This is why many people complain about how they’re stuck in ‘Groundhog Day’ even though they’ve been ‘manifesting like crazy’.

It’s very true that they’ve been ‘manifesting like crazy’ because our entire projected reality is a manifestation of our own making.

But if you don’t change the MORs, you’re going to keep bringing in the same stuff.

When you open up your mind to the reality of what you’re trying to create, you can start to see the evidence that it’s shifting into place. That gives you the excitement and inspiration to keep going (even when it’s scary), and allows you to shift your beliefs and your emotional state even more rapidly.

So this is all great.. but you’re probably wondering how you can expand the parameters of your mind to start letting in a different reality, yes?

Here are some steps you can take:

  1. You need to know what MORs you’re operating within. Since they’re generally buried in psychological blindspots (we are survival-oriented creatures and survival requires sticking to what’s familiar and therefore ‘safe’) this requires external support. Hire a coach.

  2. Start to get comfortable with the idea that your vision is limited to what your brain will let you see. If you’ve felt resistance to new ideas in the past (E.g. the idea that money can be easy and simple to receive) take some time to explore that. Journal out your narrative and feel into the discomfort – it won’t kill you.

  3. Become cognizant of the language you’re using each day. Your words are instructions and your brain is paying attention. Check how often you’re using self-hypnotizing phrases like ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I can’t’ or ‘that’s not realistic’ and consider that commanding your brain to comply with such limitations may be doing you more harm than good.

I hope that served! As per usual, I’d love to see you sharing your wins and realizations on social media – follow me at the links below and tag me in what you’re creating so I can cheer you on!