Let go or be dragged.

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Blog

The world is changing.

If you are someone who conflated your environment and the landmarks/components therein (e.g. your job, your home, your spouse, your routine) with your safety, this is no doubt a challenging time.

Societal structures are being corrected to include the rights and validity of all…Not just straight, white people.

Unsustainable work structures are collapsing so that new, generative, wellbeing-focussed options can take their place.

My interactions today reminded me of a favourite zen proverb: ‘Let go or be dragged.’

Ultimately, what is cruel, unsustainable, environmentally destructive and unjust will be worked out of the system, because it is all indicative of a lower level of consciousness.

As we learn and grow, as we move more pain out of the shadow and into the light, as we expose more of what is in our blindspots… We are confronted with how much of our world is not intention but coping mechanism. How much is not thriving, but strategy. How much is not love, but manipulation. How much is not perspective, but panic.

And it’s all on its way out.

If you had confused any of those structures with the cornerstones of your safety…If you are holding onto the belief that your ability to understand and control your world is at the core of your survival…This shift is going to hurt.

But the answer is not to go backwards. The answer is not to reject progress. The answer is not to resist the change.

The answer is to remember who you are.
The answer is to take back the power you placed in your projections.
The answer is to expand the parameters of your thinking, your perceived identity, and the rules you created for a different time.

You can’t relieve the pain by scrambling to exert control over the machine…You can only disable the engine.

The pain is within you because the pain is coming from you.

If you’re ready to see beyond it, I’ll be taking more coaching clients from July.