We all know that the official stance on dealing with narcissists is ‘keep away’.

Practitioners taking clients through narcissistic abuse recovery will advise you to ‘go no contact’ because it can be really hard to recover when you’re being constantly re-triggered, re-traumatised, perpetually attacked and exhausted.

We all know that the official stance on dealing with narcissists is ‘keep away’.

What if the narcissist is your boss and you can’t just leave your job?
What if the narcissist is the parent of your children and your custody arrangement gets in the way?
What if the narcissist is your parent and they’re old or unwell, making you too afraid to fully cut ties in case something happens to them?
What if proximity is the problem? They live with you, or near you, or they’re related to your dearest friends?

Sometimes, real life gets in the way of recovery.

So how do we work around that?

My name is Sarah Reilly and I am a life coach. I specialise in Narcissistic abuse recovery because I have over 3 decades of experience doing close-quarter combat with this particular breed of person, and I am intimately familiar with the damage they do, both in parental and romantic relationships. I have also recovered from this abuse, and it is now a personal mission of mine to ensure that what I have learned doesn’t go to waste.

I have collated the best of the best of what I know about dealing with narcissists in a safe and effective way, into my new course:

Navigating the Narcissist

In this 4-week, self-paced course, you’ll learn:

  • The most common manipulation tactics and how to avoid them
  • Self-care and reparenting perspectives that can expedite your personal progress
  • How to maintain emotional control in the most trying of conversations
  • The communication techniques that work best for ensuring that you get in and out of interactions with your heart, sanity and wallet intact.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You have one or more narcissists in your life.
  • They are impossible to please, seemingly ‘bipolar’ in their emotions and the stress of interacting with them is damaging your health.
  • You know you need to separate yourself from their needs but they’re so overwhelming and demanding you’re not sure how that’s realistic.
  • When they’re happy with you it’s like Disneyland, but when they’re angry the lows are debilitating, and you can’t handle the mood swings anymore.
  • They can be so cruel, and even though you understand they have a disorder, you don’t know how to stop taking it personally.
  • Your narcissist is a family member that you can’t avoid, and you desperately need to learn how to speak their language so that you can get in and out of conversations with your heart and wallet intact…
  • You know you need to up your self-care, but you’re so empty from the narcissist that you have no idea where you’d find the strength to fill up your own cup.
  • You’ve left your narcissist and now you’re feeling very alone and damaged.
  • You work with a narcissist and you’re afraid they are damaging your career.

If any of the above
resonates, then this
is the course for
you, and here’s why:

  • Narcissists are attracted to givers and people with co-dependent tendencies. To stop you attracting them, we will identify the aspects of you that are susceptible to their tactics, and show you how to change this dynamic.
  • Narcissists are incredibly charming and amazing manipulators. We will learn their techniques and how to navigate them, to enable you to stop bouncing from toxic relationship to toxic relationship.
  • ACoNs (Adult Children of Narcissists) typically learn a lot of unhealthy and unsustainable coping mechanisms as a result of growing up in an unsafe and unstable environment. You will discover how to manage your emotional state and learn practical versions of self-care that are more appropriate and results-oriented.
  • Narcissistic abuse symptoms wreak havoc on our adult relationships and often serve to keep us alone or feeling victimized. In this course, we will look at reclaiming the self, and setting and enforcing new boundaries that protect us without restricting our receptivity and ability to connect.
  • We’re going to learn how to manage our emotional state, so that we’re no longer triggered by our narcissist. This enables us to maintain control of a situation and stop feeling so anxious around events, outings and family get-togethers.
  • We’re going to learn how to navigate any potential conflict that may occur as a result of the unhealthy dynamic being rapidly corrected.
  • And arguably the most important part; we’re going to learn about what has been a barrier to us stepping into our power up until now, so that we can stop playing out old pain within the victim cycle.

Imagine how amazing your life could be if you knew how to:

  • Understand Narcissistic Personality Disorder from a clear and practical standpoint, so that you’re not blindsided and victimized by them anymore.
  • Identify narcissists early, so that you aren’t sucked into unhealthy relationships.
  • Communicate with narcissists in such a way that you can enter and exit conversations without being triggered, tricked or taken advantage of.
  • Manage your emotional state so well that you no longer fear interaction and narcissists no longer perceive you as a viable target.
  • Regain control of communication structures so that you’re never isolated and coerced again.
  • Move away from fearing your narcissist, so that you could stay in alignment with your highest truths (for example: compassion, love and freedom) and continue manifesting a phenomenal life, outside of their power.

It’s time to stop being victimized by expert manipulators and start learning that there is a small, insecure and scared individual behind their mask…

And, it’s time to get clear, get educated and get real about what you’re going to do with your life. Because playing small and suffering is not what you’re here for.

So, if learning how to thrive and succeed after narcissistic abuse is your goals, or you just want a healthy way to co-exist with them…THIS is the course you need.

It’s time to throw off your shackles and step into your

It’s time to remember all the wonderful things about you
that the narcissist tried to make you forget.

For a small investment and a few hours of your time, you can create a life you are wildly excited about, and finally stop feeling so anxious about all the things in your world that you thought you had no control over.

Paid in full: USD$299
or 2 Payments of $175/m

Paid in full bonus!:

Pay in full and receive a complimentary 1-1 coaching session with Sarah Reilly (value: USD$550).

 Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.


How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.


What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! if you feel the course hasn’t worked for you, simply scan and send us all your completed work with information on what was and wasn’t achieved within 60 days (this allows for lag time within the attraction vortex) and if the course genuinely didn’t change your life we will gladly refund the purchase price, minus the student processing fee.

Praise For Sarah:

“Where do I begin?”

“Oh my goodness, where to begin? Sarah is an incredibly gifted coach. She has helped me cut the BS and work towards my dreams. I started working with her feeling lost, disconnected, and meh about a lot of things. Each session since that start date has added to the flame that resides inside me and my god it’s an awesome feeling. I cannot recommend her enough!”

– Lindsay, Massachusetts

“Straight Talking, Funny and Relatable”

“Sarah Reilly is a focused and insightful coach who is able to kick your ass and make you feel ok about it. If your sessions are anything like mine, there will be tears, as you acknowledge and release all the ways you’ve been holding yourself back.
“In terms of style, she’s straight talking, funny and very relatable. She knows her stuff about human behaviour.
She’s a cracking coach and I highly recommend her.”


– Alicia, London

“It’s Sarah’s ability to see where the bullets are hiding and dig deep to remove them.”

“I have struggled with depression and anxiety for my entire life. In and out of counseling and always seem to just be spinning my wheels, 1 step forward 10 backward. Never a clear path how to heal.
ONE session with Sarah and I was able to make more progress and growth than I ever have in intense counselling. It’s Sarah’s ability to see where the bullets are hiding and dig deep to remove them. Sarah has given me the tools needed to learn to love myself. She has given me the desire to dream big and fight for the life I want. You have to want it and allow Sarah to call you on your BS and only then will your life change. Sarah, thank you for literally saving me from myself.”

– Shelley, USA

“She is full of love, but no fluff.”

“First and foremost Sarah has been a major influence in my personal growth. If you’re looking to master the inner game so your outer world can be epic, look no further: Sarah is your woman. She rocks. She is direct – no B.S – and one of the most sincere champions of your success I have ever met. She is full of love, but no fluff. Her commitment to helping people be the best versions of themselves will get you all the results you desire and more!”

– Tiffany, Mexico