No. 1 key to success…

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Blog

Do you know what the number one key to relationship success is?

Partner selection.

I know – anticlimactic, huh…Bet you were hoping it was some digital dealy you could buy online and maybe stick to the face of whoever you’re currently dating…

But it’s not. It’s all in who you choose.

If you choose someone with misaligned values, or someone that is a trauma-bond rather than a soul-mate… you’re going to have issues.

Similar situation with coaches.

I’m not a good match for most people, because I’m what’s known as an ‘amp’. I can ‘blow up’ whatever will work to a level you’ve never seen or heard of before…


Anything unstable, unsustainable or toxic won’t survive the energy.

  • Shitty friendships don’t survive my coaching containers.
  • Toxic relationships don’t survive my coaching containers.
  • Old programming doesn’t survive my coaching containers.
  • Out of date coding doesn’t survive my coaching containers.
  • Trauma bonds don’t survive my coaching containers.
  • Inaccurate, limiting beliefs don’t survive my coaching containers.

As many of you know, I rent space in a wellness centre in Sydney’s inner west, so I have plenty of foot traffic past my office door. People see the sign that lists my services and frequently stop me to ask what words like ‘subconscious reprogramming’, and ‘strategic intervention’ mean.

Yesterday a lady in the waiting room told me she was afraid to do her deep work because she expected a lot of the people in her life wouldn’t like the real her. She believed that if she processed and released the coping mechanisms that kept her tied to the current frequency, then she would be alone.

I said to her – ‘I can’t promise any of your relationships would survive coaching, because I don’t know how many of them are trauma-bonds, and how many are just you settling for what you think you can get, rather than what you are actually capable of receiving. But what I can tell you is that if you’re not ready for a totally new projected reality, I am not the coach you should hire.’
Unfortunately, a lot of people I know are still hiring (and dating) based on what they think they can get, rather than what they actually want.

If you hire a coach that is within your current comfort zone (e.g. a price point that doesn’t affect you, abilities that don’t make you nervous etc), you’ve moved sideways, rather than up. You’ve hired within your *current* perceived identity, rather than the version of you that you’re trying to create.
Given that your manifestations are the product of who you’re being, moving from who you are currently will just produce more of the same.

Thus, if you want to create something bigger, newer, bolder…MORE…You are going to have to move differently.

What big decisions are you being called to make this week?

And have your decisions of late been aligned with what you can see right now, or what you want
to see…