I bet one or more of these statements has crossed your mind:
What if my writing isn’t good enough?
I get writer’s block and ‘cotton wool brain’ a lot – I bet it will take ages to finish.
What if the finished product doesn’t do my amazing idea justice?
I have no idea how I’d find the time.
Whenever I have a day free the thought of sitting down to write is SO unpleasant…
I end up busying myself with chores and errands and other distractions.
A novel is 50’000 words. I struggle with 10pages. How will I ever get it done?
I don’t really want people to read my work. I’d be so embarrassed if my family saw it.
What if I put my book on amazon and it gets a public negative review?
I just don’t have the discipline to write every day, like all the other courses say you have to.
Inspiration only strikes me once every few years.
If any of that is familiar, you’re in the right place.

I believed Every. Single. One.
of those statements right up until I actually wrote the book.

And you know what I learned?
None of those fears actually prevent you from becoming a published author.
And that’s precisely why I wrote this e-book: ‘How I wrote a novel in 12 days, and how you can too!’.
I didn’t have time to work through all those limiting beliefs before I committed to writing a book.

Getting my novel out of my head (where it had been a splinter in my brain for about 6 years) and into a Word document was a top-3 Bucket List item, and after I was diagnosed with a tumor (from stress and just generally hating my life) I decided that I simply didn’t have time to wallow in my stories anymore.

Either the novel got written, however it came out, good or bad, coherent or not…

Or I risked dying with my story still inside me.

As it turns out, I’m a lot more afraid of regret than I am of criticism.

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” ― Aristotle

I have split this e-book into what I believe are the most important components for getting a completed first draft of a full book written and ready to send to an editor in
I know it works because I did it.
  • I did it without any book-writing experience.
  • I did it back when my self-esteem was still in the toilet.
  • I did it at a time in my life when I was surrounded by turmoil (my long term relationship had just ended, I had nowhere to live.
  • I had a new tumor and my health was so bad my face had holes in it.
  • Sorry for the awful mental picture but I want you to understand that your circumstances TRULY do not preclude you writing your book!)
  • I did it separated from family and loved ones.
  • I did it at the most chaotic and uncertain time in my life.
  • I did it from a terribly weak story idea.
  • I did it with none of the plot holes or storyline issues resolved.
  • I did it with no idea how.
Simply by following the steps outlined in this e-book.

When you download this e-book, you will receive the pdf copy to your email. It will be available immediately, and what you will learn TODAY, is:

How to:

1. Make the Decision. This is an integral step to bringing any project to fruition that virtually everyone I’ve ever spoken to about writing a book has missed. It doesn’t really matter what I or anyone tell you to do beyond this step, in terms of strategy, structure or guidance… Without this crucial component, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Not only do I explain why, but I actually use analogies from different areas of life to fully illustrate HOW to do it.

2. Make the Layout. I go into serious structural detail here. This section outlines what made it possible for me to clear A CHAPTER A DAY consistently, even when I had no idea what to write. This is the key to ongoing momentum, even if you’re the level of ‘stubborn’ that will literally be swiveling around on your chair whining out loud about how you can’t do it. (I’ve been there – you can overcome. Trust me.)

3. Make the Time. This one seems obvious, but actually there’s more to it than simply putting a spot in the calendar. AND… Just because I did it in a consecutive 12 days, does not mean you have to. Even if you’re only prepared to give this a couple of weekends… What would it mean to you to potentially add 2 CHAPTERS A WEEK to your book project?

PS I also bothered to lay out my full day schedule for when I’m in book-writing mode. It may look extreme on first skim.. but if you want extreme results, ya gotta consider something a little different.
*What got you here won’t get you there.*

4. Make the Space. This is where we get into the biology of why you always seem to find something else that needs doing.

‘I’ll just put that washing through, then I’ll get started.’
‘I’ll just clear those dishes up.’
‘I’ll just tidy up this area so that I have space to think.’
‘I can’t focus while that mess is there; I need room to breathe.’
‘I’ll just get that from the store, then I’ll totally get into it.’
‘I’ll get these errands handled so that I have the mental space for my project.’

Ever notice that the list is never-ending?
Let’s put an end to this issue for good.

5. Make the Commitment. Let’s face it. There may be times when your brain doesn’t wanna play ball. When the writer’s block is strong and the desire to quit even stronger. What do you do when you’re totally disinterested in your own story, and the voice in your head is terrifying you with all the possible negative outcomes?

‘It’s not good enough.’
‘It won’t sell.’
‘My family will read it.’ (Vomit…)

Get across the best ‘inside joke’ in the writing community that makes all of that irrelevant, and allows you to keep pouring out pages, even when you want to frisbee your MacBook straight out the window.

Sarah Reilly is an author and life coach to entrepreneurs, execs and creatives who are sick of being restrained by what’s ‘realistic’.

She utilizes aspects of Strategic Intervention, Functional Life Coaching, quantum physics and NLP to transform the lives of her clients in record time, and she’s been living the digital nomad lifestyle since 2016. Helping people dissolve fear barriers and finally create the life of their dreams has been her no.1 passion since she discovered her first personal development book in 2002. And today, she’s honoured to be able to help YOU with this information.

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