How We Do One Thing Is How We Do Everything.

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Business

Have you ever thought about hiring a coach, but held off until you ‘have more money’?

Have you ever met (or followed online) a coach you really want to work with but are waiting until they hopefully have a sale or offer a special deal?

Have you ever wanted to do something for yourself and your own development, but decided you can’t afford it?

Here is something very important that you need to know:

Behaving like the current version of yourself (who ISN’T where s/he wants to be) is a fool-proof way to ensure you stay there.

How you respond to opportunity tells me a lot about your likelihood of success.
If your first response is ‘I can’t afford it’, before you’ve even had a go at trying to figure out HOW… I can tell you your fear patterns are still in the driver’s seat.

If you are 100% committed to your goals, you will achieve them. But being 100% committed requires that you think outside the box, that you don’t go home defeated at the first sign of a challenge, and most importantly, that you MAKE DECISIONS FROM WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, not where you are.

Let’s break that down. What would the million dollar version of you do? What would s/he believe? What would s/he choose?

If you were making a million dollars a year, would you scrimp on your education? On your development? On your associations?

Would the million dollar version of you think that his/her mindset, emotional fitness and psychological roadblocks weren’t important and could be ignored?

No way. Know how I know? All the big players have mentorship. The concept of a self-made man is a fallacy. All successful entrepreneurs know something that broke rookies don’t – and that is that you MUST invest in yourself.

All the hustle and grind in the world has no effect if you’re out of alignment with what you’re trying to receive, and if your nervous system perceives threat from you moving forward. Because all of that is what feels like the ‘handbrake’ – all of that is what has you procrastinating, being paralysed by perfectionism, over-analysing what people think of you and getting distracted by crap on social media.

Our systems are wired for survival, not happiness. Routine and inertia calm the system, which is why it can be hard to make the big leaps. But the only way to train your system to see that massive progress and abundant riches are safe, is to leap before you’re ready and live the truth that success won’t kill you.

Post before you’re sure. Commit before you’re confident. Invest before you’re wealthy. Sign up before you’re ready.

Every single one of us who’s made the leap from the 9-5 to freedom, committed more than we knew how to come up with, because we trusted the process.

If you’re prepared to do anything for your goals and dreams, EXCEPT be temporarily uncomfortable.. Then no, you don’t want them at all.

Don’t tell me you want to help people if you won’t help yourself.
Don’t tell me you want people to invest in you when you won’t invest in yourself. We train people how to treat us!
Don’t tell me you want to make enough money to be secure without working if deep down, you still believe rich people are unscrupulous a55holes.
Don’t tell me you want to work with the best if you don’t wanna pay the best’s rates.
Don’t tell me you trust the universe and are an awesome manifester if you operate from fear all day.
Don’t tell me you’re a coach if you don’t have one. Because real coaches know that coaching is a non-negotiable, and if you’re preaching that to potential clients but not living it, you’re a vibrational disaster and your bank account will reflect that.
Don’t tell me you want to move out of the pain if you’re not brave enough to face it.
Don’t tell me you want people to see your value IF. YOU. WON’T.

How we do one thing is how we do everything.

If your answer to getting help is no, what else are you saying no to, right now?


I’d love to hear what you’re going to start saying yes to in the near future – drop it in the  comments.