Private Coaching

The point of creating a private container for expansion is that this level of depth requires trust, time and total honesty.

If you want a different reality, you must become the corresponding version of yourself. Up-levelling an identity so that you can project the life of your dreams is simultaneously the most fun you can have, and the hardest you can grieve. Because you’re going to be letting go of everything you thought you were and everything you thought you believed in order to step into and receive everything you’ve ever wanted.

Your new life will cost you your old one. If that sounds like a good trade, then let’s do this.


How long do we work together for?
Contracts are 3 or 6mths at a time.
What is included in terms of access to Sarah?
3 x 1 hour sessions per month, and unlimited (within reason) Voxer for interim support.
What will we be doing in each session?
Whatever is needed. There is no point trying to bring a pre-determined or cookie-cutter program into a 1-1 container, because everyone’s ‘onion layers’ come away at different times, and your life is still happening around you while we work. I will bring you to many doorways, but it would be unethical for me to drop-kick you through them before you’re ready.
What will I get out of it?
Whatever you put into it.
Why is it scary to invest in myself?
We invest in ourselves to the level we believe we’re worth. If professional support feels outside of what you deserve, then there is deep work to do around personal value and receiving. I recommend you dive into this ASAP because how we do one thing is how we do everything; this issue will be restricting every area of your life.
I’m thinking I might like to do this after I’ve paid off my debt.
Everything in your reality is a projection of who you think you are and what you currently believe, including the debt. If your best thinking got you here… it would be madness to think that continuing on with the same will create different results. If you want to get rid of the debt, change your mentality around money and receiving. If you need help with that, apply to work with me.
I have questions about the contract / logistics.

Email my team for details here.

Can I see some testimonials?

Sure  – click here.

Clicking the go-button nauseates me. Why am I still nervous even though I really want to do this?

Humans are wired for survival, not happiness. This means that anything you know deep down will make major, structural change to you and your life, will trigger a threat response. But, since this isn’t caveman times anymore, you can take that signal with a grain of salt. Ask yourself what you’re really worried about, and if the answer comes down to being pushed outside of your comfort zone with regard to how you perceive the world, or being held to the standard of your higher self, then this is absolutely the right next step.

Comfort zones are beautiful places, but nothing grows there.

Can I achieve all my goals in 1 contract?

I know that’s possible because clients have done it before. But I can’t answer that for you, because I don’t know what your tolerance for discomfort is. If you want to make slower change that’s fine with me. It’s never the coach’s job to tell you what to do. You tell us what you want, and we facilitate it.

My spouse / friend has suggested I see a coach, but I don’t think I have any problems.

If you don’t see any issue with how your life is currently going, then I wouldn’t hire anyone to help you change it. If you’re totally happy with every aspect of your life, you’re unlikely to see the value in showing up to the sessions, completing any assigned homework, or making the recommended adjustments to your current models of reality. Coaches are typically very busy people, because making dreams come true is an in-demand service. Please don’t book us unless you’re as invested in your own progress as we are.

Who do you generally work with?

Most of my clients are execs, entrepreneurs and creatives (e.g. actors, authors). We get on well because we think fast, speak fast and are prepared to be uncomfortable. If you’re open-minded and have a good sense of humor, I’m sure we’ll get on fine J

Do I need to know what I want before I hire a coach?

If you can’t clearly articulate what you want, you already need a coach…

Our survival wiring knows that once we admit what we truly want, we have to go after it or feel the pain of our own inaction. That’s why survival patterns like confusion and distraction are so popular – if we ‘don’t know what we want’ we don’t have to do anything scary. Unfortunately, that isn’t a sustainable method of operation. In my experience, the longer we repress our dreams, the sicker and sadder we get. Staying in a job I hated gave me a tumor. If you’re ready to see what your patterns have been hiding from you, let’s talk.

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