Real Talk

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Blog, Business

If you’ve proven that the way you operate isn’t getting you the life of your dreams, what makes you think that operating the same way for the next year will have any other effect?


If you’ve demonstrated that your beliefs about money haven’t brought in an abundance of it, how can you still fight for them as though they’re correct?


If you know you have blocks in certain areas because you procrastinate, get distracted, feel overwhelmed or otherwise experience your nervous system steering you away from progress, but you don’t take real, active steps to get the blocks fixed/healed/removed/resolved, do you understand that you are actively choosing to KEEP those blocks?


If you’ve been repeating certain sayings for a long time and getting commensurate life results, do you understand that your commitment to that reality is what’s perpetuating it?


It Breaks. My. Heart to see people doggedly clinging to the very things they say they want to change. Fighting tooth and nail to ‘prove’ that they ‘can’t’ do things. Arguing for their limitations even in the face of overwhelming evidence that more is possible.


If you could do one amazing thing for yourself today, I hope and pray and wish that it would be to recognize that you can ‘feel’ like something is ‘right’ (because it is familiar), but still recognize that it’s not working for you.

➡️ E.g. You can ‘feel’ like your panic about money is ‘right’, and still notice that it hasn’t yielded any increase in income.


You can ‘feel’ like everything you want to do has ‘all been done before’ and still notice other people wading into the market and making BANK.


You can ‘feel’ like you’re too ‘scared’ or ‘lazy’ or ‘underqualified’ to live your dreams, and still see people with raging anxiety and no certifications going for their dreams before they’re more terrified of regret than any misperception of ‘failure’.


A belief is not a truth; it’s a decision.


What you choose to believe determines the decisions you make and the emotions you experience, which in turn determines what you manifest and what your brain will allow you to see / perceive.

🌀Your beliefs are up to you.🌀

What are you risking by hanging onto all the ones that you’ve proven don’t get you what you want?