Sarah Reilly is a focused and insightful coach who is able to kick your ass and make you feel ok about it. If your sessions are anything like mine, there will be tears, as you acknowledge and release all the ways you’ve been holding yourself back.
In terms of style, she’s straight talking, funny and very relatable. She knows her stuff about human behaviour.
She’s a cracking coach and I highly recommend her.

Alicia, London

Oh my goodness, where to begin? Sarah is an incredibly gifted coach. She has helped me cut the BS and work towards my dreams. I started working with her feeling lost, disconnected, and meh about a lot of things. Each session since that start date has added to the flame that resides inside me and my god it’s an awesome feeling. I cannot recommend her enough!
Lindsey, Massachusetts

I have never met a person who influenced me and affected me at the first minute of our meeting in such a way.
Sarah Reilly is spectacular. I strongly recommend her services, your life will flip 190 degrees. 100% guaranteed.
Mohammad, Canada

Sarah has helped me take some of the biggest leaps I have ever taken in my life, even in the midst of some of my worst fears. Before working with Sarah, I was sure I would be reliving the traumas I had experienced everyday for the rest of my life. Now every time we talk, I gain more confidence and freedom. Her services are invaluable and I am beyond grateful. I highly recommend her.
Jenn, New Mexico

I have struggled with depression and anxiety for my entire life. In and out of counseling and always seem to just be spinning my wheels, 1 step forward 10 backward. Never a clear path how to heal.

ONE session with Sarah and I was able to make more progress and growth than I ever have in intense counselling. It’s Sarah’s ability to see where the bullets are hiding and dig deep to remove them. Sarah has given me the tools needed to learn to love myself. She has given me the desire to dream big and fight for the life I want. You have to want it and allow Sarah to call you on your BS and only then will your life change. Sarah, thank you for literally saving me from myself.

Shelly, USA

Sarah has completely reframed my perspectives on life and self-image and given me the tools to work through some negative thought patterns. I’m so much more confident within myself and have made some amazing changes in my life as a result of talking with Sarah. I love her compassionate no-bullshit approach!

Sarah, Australia

Sarah is a breath of fresh air. She has a keen gift for weeding through the trauma layers that have impacted every single one of us and calling up the part of us that desires to break free from what is keeping us stuck. I have experienced her coaching and am much clearer because of it. We all deserve encouraging support and accountability to move forward and she has the mad skills to do just that. Oh yeah, and did I mention that she is ha-larious?! Sure does help in the not taking myself so seriously department. Grateful to you and for you Sarah…I know you will continue to help countless others live much better and more authentic lives!

Debbie, Texas

I’m seriously BETTER after talking to you. There have been a few conversations in the past months that have materially moved me forward and our last session was one of the biggest gifts of all.

Megan, New York

Sarah is the most fun to work with, I had an absolute blast throughout the entire process. Definitely recommend.

Stacie, Calgary

Within a very short time, Sarah was able to give me a new level of understanding about myself and the people in my life. She has a fantastic depth of knowledge and is always a joy to talk with.
Paul, Wales

I wanted the freedom that having my own business would afford me but I was experiencing a lack of self-confidence and doubted that I could achieve what I wanted to do. Sarah has guided and supported me in a way that has given me the confidence to believe in myself and pursue my passion. Thank you Sarah!

Gillian, Calgary

I’m so happy you’re doing well in terms of clients. I must say, you really nailed the website issue for me. I was hiding myself. It was such a powerful few words that you said to me that I FINALLY started my business account!

Meribel, New York

I feel happy and hopeful for the first time. Everything really makes sense now. You’re really good at this!

Name withheld, Calgary, Canada

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, the progress feels so good!

Ebony, UK

This is the most beneficial program I’ve done in 10 years of therapy. What you say resonates and I like that you don’t let me intellectualise my way out of confronting the real issue. I can usually bullshit psychologists but you seem to be immune!

Name withheld, Sydney, Australia

First and foremost Sarah has been a major influence on my personal growth. If you’re looking to master the inner game so your outer world can be epic, look no further: Sarah is your woman. She rocks. She is direct – no B.S – and one of the most sincere champions of your success I have ever met. She is full of love, but no fluff. Her commitment to helping people be the best versions of themselves will get you all the results you desire and more.

Tiffany, Mexico

Straight Talk, but all love. You will love Sarah’s realness and compassion!

Toyia, Georgia

Sarah is an amazing coach and mentor. She really tells you what you NEED to hear.

Gurleen, Vancouver

Sarah employs a masterful mix of science, logic, and “woo woo” in her coaching.

She knows when to be gentle and when to give you a loving “kick in the butt”. Most importantly, rather than “telling” you what you “should” be doing, she allows you to find your own way as she guides you down the path of Self Discovery, which makes your time together that much MORE EFFECTIVE.

After every session with Sarah, I walk away feeling even more “equipped” than the last. No matter how much reinforcement I “need” or how often we have to go over the “same issues”, I never once have felt as if her patience for me has wavered. She is consistent and caring with every message she delivers, which really makes for the BEST kind of learning atmosphere wouldn’t you say? I can’t Thank You enough for your support and for helping me to fill my “toolbox” Sarah! I believe everyone could benefit from having a life coach and I’d recommend @sarahreillycoaching 1,000,000,000x over to anyone who is struggling to get out of their own way!
She will certainly guide you to the light.

Regina, USA