Show Me Your Muscles

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Blog

The problem with thinking that ‘working hard’ is the key… is that working ‘hard’ doesn’t directly translate to working ‘correctly’.
‘Working hard’ isn’t necessarily ‘doing it right’.

What’s the point in doing anything a lot if it turns out to be the wrong thing…?

I have appreciation and respect for people that work hard. But I also recognize that hard work and massive success / making bank are not directly correlated.
If hard work = big money, then everyone who works hard would be rich…

I bet you work hard. Are you living all your financial dreams?

And for those of you out there that have trigger points around wealth and have already started in with the old…’It’s not all about money…’
You’re right. It’s not. So, let’s use a different example.

I have a friend who’s very strong. He’s being going to the gym for years.
I invited him to a yoga class with me and he came.
He grunted. He sighed. He collapsed at times. And he was soaked in sweat.
He was exhausted, and too sore to come back the next day.

The thing about muscles is, their weakest point is when they’re fully extended.
If you can’t fully extend the muscle (because you have limited mobility or injuries or just aren’t currently flexible) then you can’t truly strengthen the muscle, because you simply can’t access it.

So, what are you doing at the gym each week? Maintaining. And making your ego feel good.

Just because you’re working hard doesn’t mean you’re doing the right thing.
And if you’re working hard on the wrong thing, how do you plan to get results?
And even more confronting, if you’ve been doing something for a while now, and it hasn’t yielded the results you want, why are you still doing it?

Change is always going to be uncomfortable because you’re disabling your autopilot and going against what you currently have established neural pathways for.

If you’re not prepared to be temporarily uncomfortable for your dreams… then may I suggest that your dreams must be kinda boring.
If they’re not worth a few shifts in perspective and a couple of different decisions, why are they your goals?

Every time you shrink your goals to match your fear, you create a target that isn’t worth reaching.

And if it’s not worth reaching, you won’t do anything to get there.

And then you’ll complain to your friends over drinks that you feel ‘stuck’.

You’re not stuck. You’re bored and afraid.

Wanna change it? You know where I am.