Spoiler Alert: It’s Not the Cost…

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Blog

If you’ve ever thought about hiring a coach but you’re still replaying the BS that the cost is the primary barrier (it never is, say hi to your ego for me  🤙🏻) please remember that what it’s costing you to not move forward on your dreams is infinitely higher.

And I’m not talking about the feel-good stuff like love, joy, and fulfillment… I’m talking cash-money.

Every month you delay starting that business, launching that podcast, writing that book, etc is another potential 6-fig month gone. In a single year of fear, overwhelm, fatigue and procrastination-fuelled delays, you have cost yourself over a million dollars.

You don’t have to be an accountant to understand Opportunity Cost.

What COULD you have done if you weren’t scared anymore?

What COULD you have done if you trusted and believed in yourself?

What COULD you have done if you had the right guidance and support to prevent you from self-sabotaging for the umpteenth time?

What COULD you have done if you had gotten over your inability to receive?

What COULD you have done if you’d been taught how to control and intentionally utilize your emotions to manifest rapidly and easily?

What COULD you have done if you weren’t stuck in your old BS stories about why you can’t and why it’s hard and why it’s not realistic yada, yada, yada…? 

What COULD you have, if only you would invest in yourself and stop waiting for everything to *hopefully* go your way so you can *hopefully* feel better and *hopefully* live your dreams…?

You go first, the universe follows. It’s a mirror. If you keep acting as though you’re not worthy of support, you won’t get it.

Let’s do this.