Take Your Limitations Off Your Agenda.

by | Mar 17, 2018 | Business

It is not your job to analyse, ruminate on, figure out the intricacies off, or otherwise waste anymore time on all the reasons you ‘can’t’.

If you took half the energy you put into convincing people of all the terribly legitimate, realistic, practical and believable reasons you haven’t lived your dreams yet……into ACTUALLY living your dreams, you’d have smashed your whole bucket list already.

***The fear never leaves because it’s a compass.***

So if you’re waiting until you ‘feel more confident’, or until you ‘have all your ducks in a row’, then darlin’… It’s never gunna happen. And you should’ve played those cards closer to your chest; because you just let your survival system know exactly how to keep you small and safe.

If your debt is what stops you leaving your 9-5, then you’ll never pay it off. Because your nervous system knows that it’s the safety-fence. It’s the barrier that stops you doing something risky. It’s the padding. It’s your excuse. It’s your very realistic and legitimate reason to ‘be practical – people can’t just leave their jobs willy-nilly…’

Yes we all have the same 24 hours in a day. But the people using them differently have a different mindset, a different understanding of reality, and they are willing to accept support.

Call me when you’ve hit a wall. I’ll bring a wrecking ball and Starbucks.