The easy way to change beliefs…

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Blog

I want to address (and simplify) the idea of ‘changing beliefs’.

Now, if you’re interested in the details around what a belief is and how to change them, you can just go to my website – and download the pdf from the resources page. 

But today, in this email, I want to come at the topic from a different angle.

Check this:

It doesn’t really matter if you ‘believe’ something.. 

It’s really about commitment.

Belief is a natural byproduct of repetition… So anything you commit to, will eventually become a belief anyway.

Not quite sure what I mean?

Think of it this way…

All the beliefs you have now, you got by learning something at a pivotal moment in your life, and then living as though the learning was true (repeating the learning through your thoughts and actions) until the relevant neurons wired together. 

Once the connection was fixed in your brain, that thought ‘felt right’ to you. It ‘felt true’. You ‘believed’ it.


But beliefs are not truths…

They are simply solid neural connections, and can be pruned apart as easily as you wired them together.


For more info on this you can download my e-book ‘The Fundamentals’ from my website resources page as well.

Best Practices

So ultimately… you believe whatever thoughts you commit to.

Several years ago, when I first decided to believe that my business had consistent 5 figure months, it didn’t.

I decided it specifically because I knew that the attitude I would have, the decisions I’d make, the energetic alignment I could create from that belief, far exceeded anything I would be, do or feel from the perspective of ‘I don’t have enough money’. 

I had been stressing about money for almost 3 decades at that point, and the amount of panic I had around it was chest-pain-strength and completely unsustainable.

As ‘right’ as it felt to worry about my financial situation, the bottom line was – it wasn’t working.

The panic didn’t get me more clients.

The worry didn’t make my bills any smaller.

The stress was damaging my health.

So I decided (in a real lightning-strike, come-to-jesus moment) that I would never stress about money again.

Within 2 weeks, more money started showing up, and within 12 weeks my business had stabilized at 5 figure months, and we never had a problem with revenue again.

So remember… anytime you’re feeling resistance about adopting a new belief, don’t let your ego tell you that changing beliefs is hard, or that you’re lying to yourself, or that all the bad stuff is the ‘real’ stuff, the ‘true’ stuff… and the positive ‘spin’ is all BS….

Ultimately… It comes down to what you choose to commit to on a daily basis. 

Anything you commit to will become familiar, then habit, then inevitably belief.

So, If you need help creating and cementing new models of reality to make your life easier, that’s what coaching is for. Simply apply through my website 😄