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‘The Fundamentals’ e-book from international Life Coach and published author Sarah Reilly is now available!

Do you love self-help books but want something less theory and more practical and effective?

Do you need to get clear and regain your direction, but you’re not quite ready to hire a 1-1 coach?

Are you feeling like your old patterns are ‘too ingrained’ and want to understand the biology of how you can change?

Do you love reading controversial, unpopular or uncomfortable truths?

Do you want the real, down to earth, gritty facts that enable you to finally take action on your dreams?

In this phenomenal new book, you will discover:
  • Why beliefs aren’t truths
  • Why words don’t hurt
  • Why enabling and codependency aren’t love
  • Why your fear is not an actual barrier
  • Why the voice in your head isn’t you
  • Why you’re not special
  • Why you’re not a ‘type’ of person
  • Why coaches aren’t cheap, and
  • Why all coaches must have coaches themselves.

These topics are absolutely critical to your ability to move forward because they underpin the most common misconceptions that keep people stuck, stagnant, exhausted and overwhelmed, personally and professionally.

In addition to the above, you will learn:
  • why the idea that your beliefs are based on ‘evidence’ is not actually true,
  • how our human need for connection and safety can be unnecessarily derailing everything you’re working towards
  • why everything you think about why you can’t live your dreams is practical and intentional, but not factually accurate,
  • why you’re afraid to ‘put yourself out there’ and how to address it,
  • why it doesn’t actually matter if you’re the best at what you want to do,
  • why you don’t have to control anything outside of you to effectively manipulate reality,
  • how your feelings are generated and how to align them with your end goals, so that you can achieve your dreams faster,
  • why taking care of people is not the same as loving them, and how to love without bankrupting yourself financially and emotionally
  • why it feels so hard to be happy all the time,
  • why some people win with coaches and some people stay stuck,

and dozens of other nuggets that are integral to your clarity and success moving forward.

SO… If this is you:

  • You’re heavy into personal development and you’re sick of slow-progress, sugar-coated info and panel-approved motivational BS.
  • You’re ready for the missing link, the vital info, and the fundamental truths that snap people out of their nonsense and light a firecracker under their butts.
  • You’re not afraid of tough love; you’d rather be smacked with the truth-bat than coddled with ego-friendly platitudes.
  • You have big dreams and big plans but keep getting derailed by reality / your patterns / bad habits / annoying people / fear / excuses, etc.
  • You’re ready to go to the next level but you’re simultaneously terrified and that’s why you haven’t invested in a next level mastermind or 1-1 yet. I mean, what if it doesn’t work!?  (Translation: ‘What if I don’t do the work!?’)
  • You feel stuck and you’re in a rut, but your coffee pot works and dammit, you’re ready for a new perspective.

it’s time to download this book.

In her new book, ‘The Fundamentals: What Every Coach Wishes You Knew’, Sarah Reilly is breaking down the top 9 truth bombs that consistently provide the most game-changing effects for coaching clients . This book will give you a foundation akin to a launchpad, allowing you to take your power back and regain control over your life and direction.

If any part of you feels even slightly affronted, disagreeable, annoyed, amused or curious about those chapter headings, you absolutely must read this book. These concepts are the product of having run a successful coaching business for years and seeing client after client have massive breakthroughs from implementing these shifts.

Infused with humour and brevity throughout, it’s certain to make you look at the world from a new perspective.

Would you like to read the prologue for free?

Sarah Reilly is an author and life coach to entrepreneurs, execs and creatives who are sick of being restrained by what’s ‘realistic’.

She utilizes aspects of Strategic Intervention, Functional Life Coaching, quantum physics and NLP to transform the lives of her clients in record time, and she’s been living the digital nomad lifestyle since 2016. Helping people dissolve fear barriers and finally create the life of their dreams has been her no.1 passion since she discovered her first personal development book in 2002. And today, she’s honoured to be able to help YOU with this information.

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