Your Accelerated Roadmap
and Support System to a
More Powerful and Fulfilling Life.

Not because you’re not human…
But because your humanity is not a barrier to your success.

Do you have a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that you’re not where you’re meant to be?

    • You’re intelligent, have achieved what society would label as success, yet deep down you feel disappointed, frustrated, and even though you have some idea of what your next level looks like, you can’t seem to get excited or make yourself take that next step.
    • You’ve reached an enviable level in your career, relationships and environment, but while it looks good on the outside, it’s not easy. It’s not generating the levels of energy and joy and self-confidence you expected. Your next level feels too hard, too far off, or unrealistic to pursue. Instead of living a truly fulfilling life you’re moving through your days replaying the same level on easy-medium.
    • You yearn for an amazing life, not one that just looks good on paper, or in comparison to the general populace. You know everything you truly want is possible but the bridge from here to there is jammed.
    • You want to wake up with meaning, direction, and genuine excitement for everything on your schedule

Hey, I’m Sarah Reilly, International Performance Coach for leaders craving more.

I’m a published author, world traveler and head over heels in love with my life. 

I’ve redefined success my way, my emotions work for me, and I can decode and recode my programming to generate new realities at will. Ergo, I’m Untouchable.

But it hasn’t always been this way…

4 years ago I found my first tumor. In that moment, Everything I thought I knew about how life worked and what was ‘important’ suddenly became irrelevant.

On paper, I had made it. I had an executive management position, 2 rental properties, a good-looking boyfriend, a beautiful home, a university degree and a host of postgraduate qualifications.

But behind the scenes I was crying in the shower every morning, drinking on weeknights, and the stress of my soul-sucking job was giving me acne so bad my face had actual holes in it that just. wouldn’t. heal.

For the first time in my life, I could clearly see that all the ‘right’ decisions were leading me down the wrong path.

So I quit my whole life.

I resigned from my job, ended my relationship, sold my properties and all my belongings, and flew to Bali to start my healing journey.

After hundreds of gut-wrenching, soul-jarring, brain-melting breakthroughs, I was able to see my old programming and how to manipulate it.

I began decoding and recoding everything I thought I knew about myself, and training my nervous system to accept new realities.

Once I redefined what success was for me, I started supporting other high-performers, visionaries and change-makers with the same thing.

Now today, after guiding countless leaders to authenticity in their path, mastery over their emotions and speed of results beyond their wildest dreams,

Here’s what I know to be true:

When your True Self is your True North, you get to choose your own reality

At your core, you are truly UNTOUCHABLE.

And the way you get down to that expression of you, is by decoding your old programming, so that you can empower your nervous system to accept new realities, which allows you to redefine and bring in whatever success means for you.

Not what your parents wanted.
Not what would appease your spouse.
Not what your friends expect.
Your true self, for your true north. 

It takes courage, refinement, and a bit of rebellion. But if you’re ready to do it your way, I’m here to support you.

Become Untouchable

Untouchable is a six-week group program for leaders who want to redefine success, decode and recode their internal programming, and create and maintain an empowered nervous system. It’s your accelerated roadmap and support system to a more powerful and fulfilling life without fluff.

While many programs teach reprogramming beliefs, or purpose-driven leadership, nothing teaches you the trifecta of what makes you Untouchable rapidly and coherently in one six week program.

In short, your life will never be the same again.

In the time I’ve been working with Sarah Reilly, I’ve increased my income by $100k. My confidence and feelings of self-worth and self-love have increased, as well as my understanding of the patterns I commonly run when presented with change or a new perspective. I’ve also learned how to work through my emotions and fears. Best money I’ve ever spent on coaching!

Alice, professional ghostwriter and 11-time NYT bestseller

Thank you to the amazing Sarah who has helped me in more ways than I can describe in words! My loved ones have noticed, my staff have noticed, and more importantly I have embodied a new way of life that means I work less and earn just as much!! I am eternally grateful and let me just say I am still in my first 3months of coaching!! I have cut my working days from 6 to 2 in such a short period I’m amazed! I would definitely recommend Sarah’s coaching

Aliyah, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Untouchable is for you if:

→ You identify as a leader, take responsibility for yourself, are naturally curious, driven for more, and ready to make a change.

→ You know deep down it’s time to stop playing below your potential and finally do the things you’ve been daydreaming about for years.

→ You don’t want a parent or to feel babied during your self development journey. You want a roadmap to becoming Untouchable. No hand holding necessary and no condescension required.

→ You’re sick of feeling held back or limited by your environment, your emotions, your relationships or your work.

→ You desire to feel strong, clear, powerful, in control and no longer acting from unsustainable attachments or fears.

The process to becoming Untouchable in just six weeks:

Week One:
Redefine Success

We kickoff the program with an exploration into why it’s so critical to aim for your own version of success in life and how to actually determine what that is for yourself. You’ll uncover what your soul truly craves and say goodbye to old codependent, people-pleasing, relationship-destroying, resentment-building patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Week Two:
Secrets of the Empowered Nervous System

The human body is wired for survival, not fulfillment, and it seeks familiarity and routine. If you are to become Untouchable you’ll need to recognize this and learn to work with your CNS, rather than trying to battle it into submission. During the second week of the program you’ll learn why your soul and body are in conflict, how to listen to your body and understand the sensations that arise, and shift out of survival mode so that you stop blocking and hiding from all the wealth, recognition and energy that’s trying to come your way.

Week Three:
Emotional Mastery

Emotions aren’t random and they cannot be created or controlled by anything external to us. In week three we take a deep dive into the emotional landscape of your life, your triggers, your emotional patterns, your state, and how to understand emotions as the treasure-chest of usable data that they are, transforming them into catalysts for creating the life you desire.

Week Four:
Decoding and Recoding

In week four We’ll be learning how to decode the subconscious programming that’s keeping you stuck, and recode new models of reality that actually support you in bending your experience of reality to your will. No amount of willpower will override programming and the limitations of your current identity, so learning how to amend that is critical for making any sustainable change in your life.

Week Five:
The Victimhood Vendetta

 We go deep into the scourge of contrived victimhood, (the primary reason most people aren’t able to sustain progress and momentum, or don’t get value out of the investments they make in themselves) and we learn how to identify and heal that pattern so that you move forward in integrity, take all available opportunities and get incredible value out of every resource you invest in for the rest of your life.

Week Six:
Celebrate and Safeguard your New State

We close the program with celebration, elevation and Protection for you and your new understanding of yourself. This final week is all about integrating the new parts of you back into the world. We’ll explore why your friends and family may be resistant to aspects of the new you and how to navigate these challenges and how to ensure you keep showing up for yourself months and years after the program is over.

When you join Untouchable you’ll receive:

Live weekly trainings with Sarah
The course will be run via Facebook lives in the private community. You can either watch the live training and participate in the comments section, ask questions and learn along with everyone, or if the times don’t suit your schedule simply watch the trainings at your leisure and join in the discussions as and when you have time.

The Untouchable Curriculum
Written resources will be provided to aid your processing and integration of the trainings. Workbooks, journal prompts, pdf guides as appropriate.

Private Community
Imagine having a group of other like-minded leaders all committed to living their wildest dreams that you can connect with and calibrate to on a daily basis. That’s what it’s like inside the Untouchable private facebook group. Expect to meet leaders who will listen and challenge you on your journey past the common limitations of the masses and may even become your new best friends.

It’s time to get back into the driver’s seat and actually live the life you were born to have.
Join the Untouchable program today!

Choosing to work with Sarah was one of the most important decisions I’ve made to date. I’ve worked with a lot of different coaches over the years but never someone as valuable as her. She’s ridiculously smart, which I love. She is both a coach and a teacher and is incredibly well versed in her content. There can be a lot of intangibles in coaching but since Sarah incorporates neuroscience and teaches all things “trauma-oriented”, the ambiguity that often exists in coaching isn’t there, which is one of the reasons her coaching is so effective. Sarah also has an innate ability to make complex concepts simple. And in addition to all that great stuff, she is also very encouraging, compassionate, relatable and fun. I can’t recommend her enough. Working with her has literally been life-changing so if you are committed to changing your life, you might want to start by working with Sarah!

Danielle, Career Coach for Executives

I think it’s safe to say that if you are debating working with Sarah, the answer is: Yes, you should!! I’m so glad I did.

Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and lived experience paired with a ruthless directness that is IMO needed to create any type of change. That said, she is kind, understanding and SO funny too. Working with Sarah was instrumental to me having the courage to start my own business, which -at best- had seemed like a distant unrealistic dream before. Well *drum roll* I did start my bizz and I am seeing my first paying client this week!

What I got out of working with Sarah? Clarity on what I need and want, SO many tools, real growth (like the ability to commit to something – like my own happiness!!) Through that work, I upped my standards and learned to speak up in my marriage too. Sarah really helped me to lift the veil of confusion, indecisiveness and guilt I felt every day, and was able to show me the patterns I was engaging in that created all this emotional turmoil inside. I just cannot imagine the pain I would be in today if I had gone one more day without taking this leap of faith to invest in myself this way. Highly recommend working with Sarah!

Patricia, Trauma Recovery and Addiction Support Coach

Have more questions?  I’ve got answers:

1. Whoop, I skimmed all the way to the bottom! What is the Untouchable group program?

Untouchable is a six-week group program for leaders who want to decode their old programming so that they can empower their nervous system to accept new realities, which allows them to redefine and bring in whatever success means for you. It’s your accelerated roadmap and support system to a more powerful and fulfilling life without the fluff.

2. I’m keen, when does the program start?

The next round of Untouchable will be run live starting on the 1st of March 2021

3. How much is Untouchable, and are there payment plans?

The investment to join Untouchable is only USD$997! You can reach out to our team at if you would like to discuss payment options.

4. What if I don’t like the program, do you offer refunds?

I know this product can change your life if you let it, because Untouchable contains the 3 key pillars that took me from sick, exhausted and depressed to free, thriving and secure. However I cannot guarantee individual results because I don’t know what you’ll choose to do with the trainings.

Since they can’t be ‘returned’ as such, we do not offer refunds, however we would never want you to be in a program you’re not wildly excited to learn from, so if you get into the group and decide it’s not your vibe prior to the first training, we will happily eject you and refund your payment(s) minus the admin fee. Once the training starts you are free to leave the group at any time but there but there will be no refunds.

Nothing in your life is fixed or unchangeable.

And the process of making small adjustments for big results is infinitely simpler and easier than you think, as long as you have the right skills and support functions in place.

Here’s what’s true: If nothing changes, nothing changes.

You are the engine behind your entire experience of reality, so until you take action, nothing can happen. I know it’s hard, and I know you have a lot of thoughts racing through your mind right now, because I’ve been there too.

But the truth is…
You have more than enough.
You get to become Untouchable.
And It’s time.
Right now.