Voices In Your Head?

by | Aug 11, 2018 | Business

Many of the people I help come to me to attain goals that have been on the  to-do list for up to twenty years.
And most of them can be knocked over in a 12wk contract (my shortest option).
Isn’t that crazy.. That people think of their goals as something that takes years to achieve, massive effort and unrealistic resources… When really, all they needed was the psychological roadblocks dug out, because we take very different actions when we know we CAN and we can finally see all the support and resources available.
Let’s get one thing straight:
The voice in your head isn’t you.
It’s there to protect you, but it’s not you. And 99% of the information it’s operating off is out of date now.
As a child, you experienced moments of fear, abandonment, disappointment and rejection. They hurt, and your system is wired for survival, so it responds to that hurt fairly intelligently. It asks ‘what do we need to learn here, to ensure this never happens again?’ And it tells you whatever you need to hear to prevent that. Which is awesome…when you’re 5. And probably when you’re 10. And maybe even when you’re 15. But once you’re 30, you’re no longer kept safe by that story, because the threat you were responding to is long gone. Now you’re just restrained. And possibly alone. And likely broke. Because anything that restricts you, also restricts your earning potential.
You put up walls to keep the pain out, but the pain is gone and now nothing, including money, can get past that redundant wall.
I know how convincing your stories are – I had a few doozies of my own. When you grow up poor, you have literally decades of ‘evidence’ to prove that money doesn’t come easily. And when someone tells you it can, you understandably feel annoyed, angry, frustrated etc. Because they’ve given you information that conflicts with an existing world view, a world view that was installed to protect you from disappointment. That will cause psychological pain (known as cognitive dissonance) and you will react. (I get told to F off about once a week for this 😉
But that reaction doesn’t mean that money can’t come easily, it’s just brilliant bio-feedback, letting you know that receiving freely isn’t currently part of your identity structure. Brilliant! Now we know where to start 🙂
So if the voice in your head isn’t you… Who are you?
…The one who is aware of the voice. You are the space behind the voice.
And the real you can become louder than the fear voice; you just need to tweak some of the models of reality that are setting it off, so that it’s less yappy… 😉
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