What did you decide?

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Blog, Business

I had a coaching client say to me the other day ‘I decided that I was going to have X and then it didn’t happen.’

My response?

‘You didn’t decide.’

I said it with total certainty. Before I’d asked for clarity, before I’d asked for details, and before I’d asked her what she’d done.

Wanna know how I knew?

2 ways.


When you really make a decision, it’s a life-altering, perception-shifting, felt-in-the-body moment.

Do you remember where you were when you first heard about the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers?

I do.

AND… I remember where I was when I decided that I would never stress about money again.

We make wishes every day. We think, ‘that’d be nice’ all the time.

But when you DECIDE, you turn an energetic corner in your life. So you would never say ‘I decided and it didn’t work’ because from the minute you decide you can literally FEEL it working.

The timeline becomes irrelevant. The size of the movement in the attraction vortex of that particular day becomes irrelevant. Stumbling blocks in your current matrix become irrelevant.

Once you’ve DECIDED, everything starts shifting. Not in a woo-woo ‘I think I feel better’ way, but in an ‘It’s coming. I can see components of it landing. The stepping stones are appearing. This portion showed up already’ way.

And secondly,

She said, ‘it didn’t happen’. This is nominalization. Externalizing the issue or the phenomenon to relinquish responsibility. When you DECIDE, you take your power back and you recover your ability to shift your reality. A person who had decided would never make an assessment of the situation that puts themselves in a victimized state.

The two simply don’t go together.

Some of you reading this are probably wondering if you’ve ever truly DECIDED to change anything in your life.

Some of you are having a massive breakthrough about why the things you thought you were manifesting still haven’t landed.

And some of you are annoyed that I keep capitalizing the word ‘DECIDED’ because if you haven’t picked up on the true impact of the word, the emphasis will seem redundant.

So let’s get to something tangible that will actually help you.

HOW DO YOU KNOW when you’ve decided?

  1. It’s a moment in time. You can’t miss it.
  2. Every decision you make afterward will be from the standpoint of the new reality. If you’re still making the same choices, still pretending to be a victim of circumstance, running the same scripts… you didn’t decide.
  3. You will deliberately seek out evidence of the new perspective, and inevitably, you’ll find it. Because the part of your brain that filters data only accepts things that align with your existing world view. Shift that = see new things.