What MIB Teaches us About Quantum Physics

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Blog

Sometimes people come to a coach with problems instead of goals. Now, that’s not a deal-breaker – a good coach can handle both, obviously. But there’s something very important being missed when we’re espousing our rampant, overwhelming difficulties… And that is this: You’re not describing your struggles, you’re dictating them.

You’re not explaining reality to me, you’re setting it.
You’re not explaining ‘how it is’, you’re deciding how it will be.
You’re not explaining a problem, you’re creating a reality.

If you had any idea of the impact you are having on the atoms around you, you’d be a lot more careful how you feel and what you say.

At the ‘hard copy’ level of reality (the finished product you see all around you), it is absolutely Newtonian. Cause and effect all the way. Tip that coffee cup over? Laptop fried. For sure.

But at the atomic level, down with the building blocks of reality, it’s not Newtonian, it’s Quantum.


Quantum isn’t cause and effect, it’s closer to ‘effect triggers cause’.
This means that beliefs precede evidence. And emotions affect atomic behaviour.

You’re not angry because X happened… Your life is filled with things that make you angry because you’re constructing a reality that supports and reinforces your state, and anger is currently your primary emotional home.

Remember that scene in the movie Men In Black 2 where the agent is explaining to the alien that she’s sad every time it rains? She said ‘but lots of people get sad when it rains,’ and he replies ‘you’re not sad because it’s raining. It’s raining because you’re sad.’

Boom. Little bit o’ quantum hidden in an action comedy. Merry Christmas.

The reason it’s hard for people to acknowledge that they’re in the driver’s seat is that you have to accept responsibility for the car being so dinged up… 😉

Once you realize your power, you have to take responsibility for what you create, but that involves recognizing that you’ve created a lot unconsciously, from a ton of out-of-date programming up until now.

For those of us who experienced a lot of criticism growing up, that can feel like ‘blame’ or ‘fault’, which may hurt.

And, recognizing that you’re in control means consciously choosing new stuff that you actually want, since obviously, it’s all available to you. Stuff you’ve never done before. Stuff that directly contradicts who you think you are and risks your current social circle. Like making a million dollars or moving to Aruba.

But let’s get back to my point, and that is ‘stop arbitrarily listing and whining about your problems.’
a) complaining doesn’t fix any of them
b) your energy is creating your world 24/7 and I don’t think you want the problems in it…?
c) where focus goes, energy flows. Put some fuel into a solution, and
d) your vibe attracts your tribe. Wanna be surrounded by people with problems all day? Talk CONSTANTLY about yours…

So! If this resonates and you want to know more about how to get un-stuck and actually start steering your life in the direction you want, submit your details via the enquire page and we’ll jam out over a coffee.

OR, if you’re just keen on learning more about quantum physics for manifestation, I’ll be launching a short course to give you everything you need to get moving next year. Stay tuned!