When The Thinking Isn’t Working…

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Blog

I’m finding that people’s responses to the idea of hiring a coach are pretty ‘end of the spectrum’ rather than ‘middle ground’ these days.

I’m noticing that the people I run into are either:

‘Oh absolutely – I’d never be without that kind of support. You think I’d take a risk on not having any of my dreams pan out? Are you HIGH?!’


‘Pay someone to help me live my dreams? Why would I do that? The only person that can change my life is ME.’

I’m gonna jam out on the second one for a bit.

I whole-heartedly believe that the only person who can physically enact the change is you. But it’s a bit hard to do that if you don’t know what the root cause of the problem is (because it’s buried in your subconscious) and you don’t know what to do, practically speaking (because you’ve never made a change of this size before) and you don’t have the resources and support to hand (because you haven’t hired a coach, yet).

When I ask people what they want, the vast majority start with ‘I don’t know.’

A bit of prodding gets them as far as ‘but it’s not realistic’ or ‘but I can’t do it yet’ or, ‘but I need more money.’

If any of those were objectively true, no-one would be out there changing the world right now. But they are.

If money was the decider, only rich people would be making a difference.

But they’re not.

If screeds of qualifications were necessary to get started, every successful person would have them. But they don’t.

If everyone had to wait until their kids were grown and gone to get started on a project, there would be no parent entrepreneurs. But there are tons.

If we could all only do ‘realistic’ things, we’d never do anything new. But we do. Every day someone breaks a record or invents something else or creates a new service.

Every. Single. Day. People are doing things you’re saying can’t be done.

Now, I know the voice in your head is very insistent and seems to be making a lot of sense. But the voice in your head isn’t you. And it’s not interested in helping you live your dreams. The ego exists to keep you in situations that you know how to navigate to increase your chances of survival.

But it’s 2019. No big animals are coming to eat you while you sleep. Change isn’t the threat anymore.

And I’m pretty sure mere survival isn’t your goal for this life.

So why listen to a voice that isn’t interested in you living your dreams, when you could be listening to me, instead…

And given how well the ego has worked as a business mentor up until now…  …do you think perhaps it might be time to try someone new?

Your best thinking got you this far. If where you are now isn’t where you want to be,

then that thinking isn’t working…

Try some new ideas. Be open to some new strategies. Consider some new perspectives. Take up some new offers.

Live the life of your dreams, not just the one you’ve settled for. ♥️

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