Where will you be when this ends?

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Blog

Something very important to remember:
‘This too shall pass.’


Often, when we are in the midst of something upsetting or wildly outside our norm or just plain difficult… Our brain can get stuck on ‘survival’ mode.

The main reason this doesn’t serve you, is that as per above, this IS going to pass, and if you spent the whole time battling an anxiety response, where and HOW will you be at the end of it?

At some point, we WILL come out the other side of this current crisis, and things will return to (a somewhat different) ‘normal’.


Sinking into the panic right now is not akin to ‘being safe’ or ‘preparing’ or ‘being realistic’.


Panicking is just panicking. It’s a fruitless freak-out that makes you feel like you’re ‘doing’ because you’re very busy going around in circles, but you’re really just flooding yourself with cortisol, which will feck up your sleep quality and assist you in gaining weight.

So let’s get to the ‘recommendation’ and ‘helpful solution’ part 😉

You have been given the gifts of time and a break in your routine. You have been forcibly removed from the ‘life’ that was slipping by in a haze of hamster-wheel, and been pushed into the abyss of ‘don’t know what to do’, which opens the doors to the truth: that you can do, be and have… ANYTHING.

Pain is not meant to make us suffer: it’s designed to facilitate change. As survival-oriented creatures that naturally seek safety via familiarity, we do not move unless we are sufficiently uncomfortable.



So… Now that you’ve been unceremoniously shunted out of your old BS…


What new stuff do you want to be into / creating / moving towards / learning / doing when the lockdown ends and the world is open to you again?


If your answer is ‘not the same old crap’, then I HIGHLY recommend taking this time to get the old programming that caused that stuff out into the light, and updated with the coding you need to live all your dreams.

You used to say you didn’t have time, now you have tons.

You said you were too busy with work.. now many of you have none.

You said your current situation was too ‘safe’ to risk, well now it’s gone. Guess it wasn’t so ‘safe’ after all.

You (energetically) communicated that you wanted change, but weren’t prepared to shift without a monumental boot in the a55.

Let’s all give Covid-19 a standing ovation for the size of that boot.


Are you going to come out of lockdown stronger, healthier, and with a monumental vision and all the tools to achieve it? Or are you coming out exhausted, lethargic and anxious?


If you would prefer the first one, you can apply for my ‘deprogramming special’ via the Work With Me page at sarahreillycoaching.com