Whose Side Are You On?

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Blog

If you’re going to follow coaches on social media, you should expect to feel triggered, confronted and challenged.
Because we’re mean? No.
Because that’s exactly what we’re here for.

If we don’t challenge your current models of reality, you won’t realize that they are just that… models. Options. Choices. Particular versions of the world.

Not all there is. Not ‘the’ reality. Not all there can be.

If we don’t trigger you, you could go years without isolating that particular pain point for removal. Without isolating it, it can be in the driver’s seat, dictating sh1tty choices and old patterns (like only dating narcissists or procrastinating on your dreams) for YEARS.

If we don’t confront you, you won’t become aware of the limbo state – where life isn’t perfect, but it’s not SO bad that you have to change things.
Many people will start climbing with support, but a few need to hit rock bottom first to get the bounce that propels them into a different consciousness. I’m not judging whichever one you wanna be, but everyone could use a wake-up call from time to time.

So why this message, and why now?

Because there’s a lot of phenomenal coaches posting truly revolutionary sh1t in the online space and you know what kind of responses they’re getting?

Triggered ones.
Confronted ones.
Challenged ones.

Ones that assume their model of reality is ‘the’ model of reality.
Ones that assume that because they don’t currently know how to get around a particular issue, that that particular issue can’t be got around…
Ones that jump straight to defensiveness or attack, rather than taking a moment to examine within themselves why they would be feeling any resistance to that new idea.

The experience you’re currently having is one available option. Our reality is a projection of us; if you want a different one, you have to confront, challenge, and likely be triggered by some assumptions that you made many years ago and have chosen to stick by since then.

So… if you’re going to follow us, do it with the right intention.
Do it to be triggered.
Do it to be confronted.
Do it to be challenged.
But don’t do it to have a platform to air your limited assumptions about what’s possible, because that doesn’t hurt us, but it REALLY hurts you.

When you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.
So whose side are you fighting on?

‘Cos we’re on your side… and it’s a little lonely over here, bud.

Forever in your corner,