Why You Want A Financial Target

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Blog, Business

Hey y’all!!

As you would’ve seen in my very personal, very vulnerable email a little while ago, business is going well.

And I believe that sharing success is critical for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s how we show people what’s possible. I personally follow a bunch of people specifically because they make earning and receiving look comically simple. That’s how I know business can be, and what I’ve adopted into my life for the sake of my health.
  2. As Tony Robbins says: Success leaves clues. Whatever your favourite role model is doing can be replicated. But you wouldn’t know to work with them if you didn’t know how well they were doing! Sharing really is caring.

So on the subject of ‘success leaves clues’, I want to tell you guys about something that’s working really well for me right now: 

Financial targets.

For the longest time, I resisted putting a financial goal on my whiteboard.

My main argument was that I had put in place a model of reality a couple of years ago that said ‘my business does 5 figures a month, regardless of how many hours I put in’ and it has been working brilliantly.

It took a couple of weeks of effort to cement it, and the effect took about 12 weeks to stabilize, but once it was in, it was in. 

So why start picking numbers now? 

Well, to be honest, my business partner Dan and I (we are developing a Mastermind that launches in December) decided to set targets as a game. I’d never found fun in this kind of thing before (lol) but as a ‘solopreneur’ it can get a bit lonely running a business alone and I thought the team vibe of cheering each other on and supporting each other in the race to the monetary finish line would be fun. So I agreed. 

Now, obviously, the goal was a stretch goal. No point choosing a number the business will comfortably tick over on its own. 

So, we picked big numbers, and we went for it.

About 2 weeks into the month, I was well on track, but the last 12k wasn’t assured or confirmed. All my clients on payment plans were up to date and my next discovery calls were over a week away.

Which prompted me to think (swivelling around in my office chair, unceremoniously slopping coffee on my yoga pants). If I wanted to generate 12k in the next few days, what would I be happy to give people in exchange for that?

What would I be mega excited to offer? What is my most favorite thing to do with people that I could build an offer around?

The answer: Deprogramming. LOOOOOOVE untangling psyches.

And the idea for the October Special popped into my head. (You may have seen it shared on FB or IG.)

I was so amped to put down the details I kept making typos and it took a half-hour to complete, lol. That’s how you know it’s a good one. So I shared it, and it sold the outstanding $12k in about 72hrs.

So here’s what I learned: 

It’s not that your business won’t make money without a target.
But the target gets you to stop and think of phenomenal new ideas! 
If Dan and I hadn’t made that pact, I never would’ve contemplated the offer that turned out to be crazy popular.

So I challenge you to ask yourself this week: ‘If I HAD TO make an extra $XYZ this week… What would I be prepared to do? What would I love to do? What am I so good at that I would do it whether I got paid or not?

Do you have any experience with setting financial goals? I’d love to hear how it went!

Let me know 😀